Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Recapping Brooke on ‘The Amazing Race’: Episode 2, “When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go”

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Each week, as long as Brooke and Robbie E are in The Amazing Race competition, we’ll recap the newest episode, updating fans on where #TheWrestlers stand in the race.

This week, they’re headed to London, England, where they’ll find their next clue on the Tower Bridge. Brooke and Robbie are fourth to depart, as they finished the first leg in 4th place.

There, they have to choice of completing one of two challenges: an “About Face”, or a “Pancake Race”. They choose to do the About Face, which requires them to perform a traditional changing of the guard while dressed as British soldiers.

It’s harder than it looks, and it takes six attempts for them to master it and earn their next clue. By the time they finish, they’re in last place.

They must then take a train to Oxford, where they go “punting”, paddling a flat bottom boat around an island. When they complete one lap, they’ll get their next clue. By the time they complete the lap, they’ve worked their way up to 8th place.

They head to Christ Church College, which directs them to “Winston Churchill” and Blenheim Palace, the next pit stop.

Thanks to some fast footwork, they make it there in 7th place and live to race another day!

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8pm ET on CBS.

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