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Recapping Brooke on ‘The Amazing Race’: Episode 6, “I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat”

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Each week, as long as Brooke and Robbie E are in The Amazing Race competition, we’ll recap the newest episode, updating fans on where #TheWrestlers stand in the race.

The episode starts with the teams still in Morocco. Right out of the gate, they must deliver hay to a stable, then drive a horse-drawn carriage to where they’ll find their car. Brooke and Robbie are fourth to depart, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to wrestle the hay…

And quote Titanic during the carriage ride..

When they get their car (a Ford Fiesta), they drive to a pottery stand and search for their next clue.

This clue directs them to this leg’s detour. They can choose to set up a traditional Berber tent to exact specifications or milk a goat and churn it until they produce three ounces of butter.

Brooke and Robbie decide to milk the goat, but first must catch a goat. This proves to be a challenge in itself.

Robbie’s afraid of the goat, so Brooke takes care of the milking while he holds it still.

When they finally produce enough milk to churn it, Robbie takes over.

By the time they churn enough butter and move on, they’re in sixth (next to last) place.

When the challenge is completed, they must drive to find their next clue, which brings them to the road block. One person from each team must navigate zip lines and bridges strung across the expanse between mountains. In the middle of this course, they’ll find puzzles that they must complete before advancing.

Brooke takes the challenge, but is terrified by it. She has to keep reminding herself that she’s wrestler in order to get through it.

When she gets to the puzzle, it takes her a bit to realize what she’s supposed to do. She struggles with it for some time before finally figuring it out and moving on.

When all of that is done, they’re in fifth place. They head for the leg’s pit stop: Casbah D’if.

At this point, Brooke and Robbie halfway through the race. They live to race another day!

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8pm ET on CBS.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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