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Recapping Brooke on ‘The Amazing Race’: Episode 8, “Hot, Sexy Knights”

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Each week, as long as Brooke and Robbie E are in The Amazing Race competition, we’ll recap the newest episode, updating fans on where #TheWrestlers stand in the race.

This week, after the show took a week off to make room for the Hollywood Film Awards, the teams depart from Sicily and head for Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. There, they’ll carry a heavy tray of drinks to the knights of Malta and receive the leg’s first clue.

Brooke and Robbie are the fourth team to depart. On the ferry to Malta, they conspire with the rest of the teams on how to best get rid of The Cyclists, suggesting that they give them a double u-turn. They even give themselves code names: Brooke and Robbie are Viper and Sniper.

When they arrive, it’s a race to the Bridge Bar, where teams get their trays and climb the seemingly endless set of stairs. A few of the teams drop glasses from their trays, forcing them to stop, return to the bar for a broom and dustpan to clean the mess and return to the bar again for replacements.

Despite Brooke’s fears, they make it to the knights without dropping a glass. They arrive alongside The Cyclists, who were the first to complete the challenge.

However, they then run into their usual problem: finding a taxi. It takes a while for them to get a ride to the boathouse, costing them a significant part of their lead.

They arrive and grab necklaces signifying their next departure time, putting them outside the top three and in the second wave of departures. There, they bunk down for the night.

In the morning, they’re faced with the leg’s roadblock. One member of each team must repel 20 stories down the side of a cliff and into a grotto to search for their next clue.

Robbie takes the challenge, finishing second in his group. He gets passed by the others in the swimming portion, though, leaving them in last place.

From there, they head to the Church of St. Scholastica, the spot of the leg’s detour. They must blindly select between “Flag” or “Shine”. Flag requires both team members to capture a red or yellow flag at the end of a greased up pole. Shine calls for them to don suits of armor and shine each other until they earn the knights’ seal of approval.

Brooke and Robbie take the Shine challenge, but get frustrated at how long it’s taking to complete. They decide to switch part way through and take on the Flag challenge.

Both fail to grab a flag on their first go-round, Brooke claiming the that fall in the water nearly broke her ass, AKA her “moneymaker”.

When Robbie fails on his second try, they decide to head back to the Shine challenge. They’re neck and neck with The college Sweethearts, who have also switched challenges.

They finish first and head for Fort Manoel, this leg’s pit stop.

They arrive before The Sweethearts, putting them in fifth place, as Robbie’s pecs illustrate.

They live to race another day!

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8pm ET on CBS.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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