Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Report: AJ Lee Acted “Completely on Her Own” in Making WWE Criticisms

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A new report is shedding light on what went on behind the scenes when AJ Lee made her explosive criticisms of Stephanie McMahon and the WWE on Twitter yesterday.

According to the Wrestling Observer (via Lords of Pain), a source close to the situation says AJ did it “completely on her own” and that the company was “completely blindsided by it.”

Stephanie is said to have been “absolutely furious” at the incident and was instructed by Vince McMahon to reply with a tweet thanking AJ for sharing her opinions.

The Wrestling Observer’s report also delves into the validity of AJ’s claims. They state that Diva merchandise does not sell “anywhere close to the levels” of the top WWE stars and the ratings of Diva segments are “rarely above average.”

However, they do concur that it is a “general rule” that women on the main roster are payed significantly less than the men. In NXT, though, most Divas make more than the male stars recruited from the indy scene, as the women “need to earn at a certain level to maintain the kind of look WWE wants.”

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