Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Report: Beth and Natalya Getting a New Partner?

As fans will have seen in recent weeks, former NXT winner Kaitlyn has been showing off a new attitude and even ditched her Chickbusters tag team partner, AJ, following their tag team loss to Beth Phoenix and Natalya on SmackDown last week.

According to the Wrestling Observer, there has been talk of adding Kaitlyn to the Divas of Doom Sisters of Salvation team with the Divas Champion and third generation Diva.

Thoughts: Kaitlyn certainly has the look to fit in with Beth and Nattie, however, isn’t as accomplished in the ring. Storyline wise, perhaps they could take her under their wing as someone they see potential in? It’d make sense to add a third Diva to the group since they’re currently feuding with Alicia, Kelly & Eve.

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