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Results & Fallout from WSU’s J-Cup Show: World Title Changes, Retirement Teased, Next iPPV Card & More

Plenty of news came out of last night’s WSU J-Cup tournament in Deer Park, New York, not least of which includes the title flip-flop between Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez.

As reported this morning, the pair will face off in a rubber match on June 16th live on iPPV — that match will be a Casket Match.

Also coming out of last night’s show, Rain teased retirement if she lost the Uncensored Rumble (Royal Rumble) in June.

Full results and details below:

[notice]STATE OF WSU 4/29
– Complete Results from 4/28
– World Title Changes Hands Twice
– Brittney Savage Makes History
– Locker Room Report
– Matches for 6/16 iPPV Announced
WSU presented the J-Cup Double DVD Tapings last night from Deer Park, NY. Here are the quick results:
“J-CUP Tournament”
Taping 1
– Prior to the event WSU held a 10 bell salute for long time area fan Paul “GIVE IT TO HIM” Roes and aired a video celebrating his life.
– Ring Announcer El Shoes introduced the 8 competitors in the tournament. The winner of the J-Cup would get a title shot on the second DVD taping.
– Rain came out to say she has been disrespected by WSU and how she should have been in the tournament. Rain said she’d have an announcement to make later.
Round 1
Annie Social d. Nikki Syx
Brittney Savage d. Ezavel Suena w/Rick Cataldo
Athena d. Kimber Lee. After the match Cataldo & Suena attacked Lee. Cataldo said this was Lee’s welcome to WSU party and to find a partner, because they were coming for her on the next show.
Alicia & Lexus fought to a double count-out. As a result, both women were eliminated from the tournament.
Round 2
Brittney Savage d. Annie Social
Athena received a second round bye due to the Alicia/Lexus double countout. With WSU Commissioner Amy Lee out of the house, Lee ruled via cell phone that Rain could step into the tournament now if Athena agreed, but Athena laughed it off and said no way was she going to waste time when she already earned a spot in the finals.
Finals/Round 3
Savage d. Athena to win the J-Cup for the second year in a row.
Non Tournament Matches:
(c) Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay retained the WSU Tag Team Titles over the Soul Sisters of Jana & Latasha
The new Queen of WSU, Her Majesty Queen Cruz came out for her official coronation. Cruz went on and on about how great she was until Jana interrupted her. Jana was furious about the way Cruz cheated to beat her in the King & Queen of the Ring tournament two weeks ago and made a match official between the two at the next event.
In an Uncensored Rules Match
Tina San Antonio d. Marti Belle in a bloody battle. Wrestlers went through chairs, doors, guard rails and more weapons were used. At one point, Marti Belle cracked a BOTTLE OVER TINA’s HEAD! Tina was a bloody mess, but managed to win the match after putting Marti Belle through a chair with the TSA. The Belle Saints have been in WSU for 2+ years, but this match was the match that both finally arrived as major players. This is a must see match.
Mercedes Martinez d. WSU World Champion Jessicka Havok to regain the championship she lost at the WSU 5YA iPPV. The match wasn’t without controversy, as Havok clearly had her foot under the rope during the pin, but the rookie referee didn’t catch it. Despite the controversial win, Martinez proved that just because she lost the title at the last show, didn’t mean she has slipped a beat and brought the war to her toughest opponent ever in WSU.
After the match, Havok was furious and went insane destroying WSU property. Havok had to be restrained in the locker room after the loss and cost WSU over $4500 in property damage.
Taping Two Results
Jessicka Havok w/The Mid-West Miltia destroyed Marti Belle in a minute to retain the WSU Spirit Championship. As part of being a double champion, Havok had to defend the Spirit Championship on 4/28 and unfortunately for the already worn and beaten Marti Belle, Marti drew Jessicka Havok directly after a World Title loss. Havok said she wasn’t leaving Deer Park without getting her belt back and while Savage had the automatic title shot, wanted that winner tonight in her automatic rematch clause.
Rick Cataldo & Ezavel Suena d. Annie Social & Kimber Lee when Tina San Antonio interfered. Tina San Antonio has become the latest client of Rick Cataldo. Tina went directly after Annie Social. After the match, Annie Social said some very profane things and challenged Tina to a match at the Rumble.
Jenny Rose w/Jessie Brooks d. Nikki Syx
Lexus d. Latasha. After the match, Lexus said just like how Savage became a 2 time J-Cup winner in back-to-back years, Lexus said she will be winning the rumble in back-to-back years and said it was time to get back to the top.
WSU Tag Team Champion Sassy Stephanie d. Jessie Brooks w/Jenny Rose in a competitive match.
Jennifer Cruz d. Jana
Alicia d. Allisyn Kay. After the match, Alicia talked about her accomplishments in WSU and how she’s been back for over 3 years now but never regained the WSU World Championship. Alicia said she was distracted because of the Militia but that all ends tonight. Alicia said she’d win the Rumble and get back to where she belonged. However, Lexus jumped out from the crowd and beat up Alicia. Lexus blamed Alicia for costing her the J-Cup and said she’d see her at the Rumble.
Rain d. Athena
After the match, Rain made her big announcement. Rain talked about the lack of disrespect from fans and people in wrestling alike. Rain made a heartfelt speech about her career. Rain talked about getting older and seeing everyone else talking about title shots, while she feels like she has been forgotten. Rain said if she can’t win the Uncensored Rumble on 6/16, then she’d leave WSU forever. Rain is currently engaged and feels like time is running out at her one last chance to become WSU Champion.
For the WSU World Title
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Brittney Savage was about to start until Jessicka Havok came out and said she wasn’t going to wait to challenge the winner and wanted a match right now. With everyone’s history in this match, everyone quickly accepted and this became an impromptu triple threat match.
Jessicka Havok d. (c) Mercedes Martinez & J-Cup 2012 Winner Brittney Savage to win the WSU World Championship
This was a wild match where you have to see for yourself. Savage laid out Jessicka Havok with a diamond cutter, the fourth time in her career where she has completely left Havok for dead with that move. With Havok out of the picture, Savage walked into a brainbuster from Martinez, only to reverse it into a diamond cutter. Savage went to finally win her first WSU Championship, but Sassy Stephanie ran out and pulled the ref out of the ring. Savage went right after her 2-year rival. Havok groggily covered Martinez for the cover, winning back the World Title.
After the match, we had verbal fireworks. Savage & Stephanie recapped their two year feud and said it all ends on 6/16 in an Uncensored Rules match.
Martinez & Havok stared each other down and went hogwild on each other. Both made it clear that the feud was now 1-1 but each match ended with controversy. Both said it was time to end the controversy and find out who the better one was. Both threatened to kill each other, with Martinez even doing videos about Jessicka in a graveyard, while Havok set up a Mercedes Martinez “kill room”. Havok challenged Martinez to a CASKET match, the first ever of its kind in womens wrestling. Both made it clear that this won’t be some hokey over produced WWE bullshit, but the purpose of this match will be to end the career of their rival and put them to rest. This face off between the two hottest stars in WSU right now was worth the price of admission alone.
– WSU thanks the loyal fans who came out to yesterday’s show. WSU internally feels that fans are all about the iPPVs now, but the double DVD tapings are the life blood of WSU, so we thank the fans who came out. Attendance was lower than usual due to heavy competition from the Knicks & Ranger playoff games, Chiller Theatre, a local concert in the area, and the ECW reunion show which drew 2400 fans. But unlike the ECW show, no one was chanting refund nor were any wrestlers passed out on drugs at the end of the WSU night. With so many options for your entertainment dollar, WSU thanks the fans who did come out and hopes that the fans who come to the iPPVs realize that these double dvd taping shows are just as important.
– Kimber Lee has been offered a full-time spot on the WSU roster, based on her availability. Everyone on the WSU roster asked management to bring her back.
– WSU thanks our loyal locker room for always being professional and stepping up, even with the crowd not being up to standard. The veterans and newcomers all delivered.
– WSU feels that Tina & Marti finally have arrived as single stars in WSU and felt they put on the best match of their careers last night. It is always great to see home grown talent start clicking, and that’s what these two brought to the table last night. Moving on, Tina & Marti will be embarking on separate singles paths. For fans who wondered why this match didn’t take place on the 5YA, WSU felt it would’ve been too much of the same thing with the other matches on that 5YA.
– As a result of her win of the title last night Martinez has the distinction of being the longest champion (3 years) and shortest reigning champion (3 hours) in WSU history. Martinez & Havok also joined Alicia as the only 2-time World Champions in WSU history.
– Brittney Savage brought her “A” game last night and won the J-Cup for the second year in a row, a first in WSU history and the only person to win that tournament twice.
– A vendor was responsible for bringing in Christina Von Eerie but due to flight problems, CVE never made it. CVE was supposed to send a video explaining what happened, but WSU never received it. We hope to have that video for you soon. WSU announced at the beginning of the show that CVE would not be there and what happened.
– WSU was on a skeleton crew last night, as many regulars, both talent and off-screen people could not make the show due to various reasons. WSU apologizes for some of the production problems, but obviously everything will be cleaned up on DVD. Among the missing were Destiny (family issue), Amy Lee (personal issue), Cindy Rogers (wedding), Sr. Official Johnny Q. (wedding), Vincent Carlo (personal), two of our camera men and two of our production/sound staff. Many people were doing double-duty, not just in the ring, but as far as producing the event to make sure these two dvds come out amazing. WSU will have a full staff, as usual, at the 6/16 Uncensored Rumble V iPPV. WSU thanks long time friend and the first WSU ring announcer, El Shoes for stepping in last night.
– WSU will be making roster changes soon. Lufisto, Sweet Cherrie, Kalamity and Terra Callaway all make their WSU debuts on 6/16. Lee has been added. Some talent will be on a rotating basis to make room for new talent in the upcoming months.
– Matches have been announced already for the 6/16 iPPV Uncensored Rumble Card, so far:
WSU World Title Match
(c) Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez
Number of Participants to be announced soon. This match is contested under “Royal Rumble” rules and the winner gets a World Title match.
WSU Tag Champion Sassy Stephanie vs Brittney Savage
Alicia vs Lexus
NCW TITLE MATCH (if Kalamity is still champion)
(c) Kalamity vs Sweet Cherrie
Tina San Antonio vs Annie Social
The 5th Annual 8 Woman Elimination Match
Partiicpants to be Announced Soon
(Every year two teams of four compete for better seeding in the Uncensored Rumble. The first person eliminated in the match enters the Rumble at the number 1 position. The person to make the final elimination for their team earns the right to enter the rumble last.)
More matches to be announced soon.
Both the DVDs from 4/28 will be released shortly on To pre-order directly, fans can send $30.95 via paypal to [email protected] with the note (“4/28 DVD Package”)
Tickets for the Uncensored Rumble go on sale Monday.
—– has released many new DVDS recently. We are proud to announce that the Mercedes Martinez shoot interview is now shipping!!!
These new titles include:
WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show iPPV DELUXE VERSION (Includes never before seen backstage footage and all the videos from Havok/Martinez leading to this event)
WSU Hall of Fame Class of 2012: Dixie Carter, Georgianne Makropolous, Jana & Cindy Rogers are all honored
SHOOT INTERVIEW with Mercedes Martinez
SHOOT INTERVIEW with Becky Bayless
Best of Mercedes Martinez Volume 2
Alicia & Brittney Savage FACE 2 FACE Shoot Interview
Best of Traci Brooks in WSU
Check out these titles and all the other titles at

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) (Official Twitter Page with daily updates) (WSU’s FREE Video Channel)
Thank you for taking time out to read and spread the word. [/notice]

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