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Results: STARDOM 5*Grand Prix Day 1 and 2

STARDOM’s 5*Star Grand Prix began this past weekend and will feature several notable female gaijin. Below are the results from August 18 and 19 and tallies for the tourney so far.

August 18:

Shinkiba 1st RING (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Starlight Kid defeated Hanan, Leo Onozaki, Ruaka & Shiki Shibusawa (5:02) via pinfall on Onozaki
  • Red STARS Block: 
    • Kimber Lee [2] defeated Natsuko Tora [0] (7:09) via pinfall
    • Utami Hayashishita [2] defeated Tam Nakano [0] (7:09) via submission
    • Rachael Ellering [2] defeats Jungle Kyona [0] (10:05) via pinfall
    • Konami [2] defeated Kagetsu [0] (13:10) via Triangle Lancer submission
  • Blue STARS Block:
    • Jamie Hayter [2] defeated Natsu Sumire [0] (7:38) via pinfall
    • Momo Watanabe [2] defeated Nicole Savoy [0] (7:53) via pinfall
    • Hazuki [2] defeated Saki Kashima [0] (6:54) via pinfall pinfall
    • Kelly Klein [2] defeated Mayu Iwatani [0] (10:20) via pinfall

August 19:

  • Red STARS Block:
    • Tam Nakano [0] defeated Konami [2] via Nakano reversed Konami’s Triangle Lancer submission into a pinfall.
    • Jungle Kyona [0] defeated Kimber Lee [2] via Hammer Throw Power Bomb.
    • Utami Hayashishita [2] defeated Natsuko Tora [0] via Rear Naked Sleeper.
    • Kagetsu [0] defeated Rachael Ellering [2] via Oedo Coaster.
  • Blue STARS Block:
    • Saki Kashima [0] defeated Mayu Iwatani [0] via pinfall
    • Hazuki [2] defeated Kelly Klein [2] via pinfall
    • Momo Watanabe [2] defeated Jamie Hayter [2] via B Driver.
    • Nicole Savoy [0] defeated Natsu Sumire [0] via submission.

Current Standings:

  • Red STARS:
    • Kimber Lee [2] Kagetsu [2] Jungle Kyona [2] Rachael Ellering [2] Natsuko Tora [0] Tam Nakano [2] Konami [2] Utami Hayashishita [4]
  • Blue STARS:
    • Momo Watanabe [4] Hazuki [4] Jamie Hayter [2] Kelly Klein [2] Nicole Savoy [2] Natsu Sumire [0] Mayu Iwatani [0]

The tournament continues on August 26 and will feature:


  • Tam Nakano vs Jungle Kyona (Day)
  • Konami vs Jungle Kyona (Night)
  • Konami vs Natsuko Tora (Day)
  • Natsuko Tora vs Kagetsu (Night)


  • Natsu Sumire vs Mayu Iwatani (Night)
  • Jamie Hayter vs Mayu Iwatani (Day)
  • Natsu Sumire vs Momo Watanabe (Day)
  • Kelly Klein vs Saki Kashima (Night)
  • Nicole Savoy vs Saki Kashima (Day)
  • Nicole Savoy vs Jamie Hayter (Night)

What do you think of these results? Will you be watching the tournament? Who do you want to see win? Sound off in the comments below.


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