Monday, October 25, 2021

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Results: Taya extinguishes Kiera’s fire, Tessa Blanchard makes her Impact debut

Tonight on Impact Wrestling, Taya Valkyrie picked up a win over Kiera Hogan. In the same match, it also appeared that Tessa Blanchard has joined the Knockouts division.

Kiera relied on speed throughout the match, avoiding Taya’s attack early on and striking with forearms, a corner hurracarrana and springboard arm drag.

As the Knockouts match continued, third generation independent star and Mae Young Classic competitor Tessa Blanchard joined the commentary team announcement team and seemingly announced joining the Impact Wrestling roster. While on commentary, Blanchard put herself over and shared her thoughts on the current Knockouts division.

Back in the ring, Kiera went for another corner attack but Taya countered with a powerbomb to the turnbuckles. Taya stayed on control using her strength to slow Kiera down and slammed her to the mat for a two count.

After Taya lays boot to Kiera, she takes her headfirst to the corner turnbuckle. Kiera backs to her feet and fights back with a double-sledge and senton attack for a near fall.

Kiera runs the ropes for a leg drop but misses. The Knockouts battle at a corner where Kiera lands a double stomp for another near fall. Kiera slips behind of Taya with a waist lock but Taya counters with a suplex.

Taya charges after Kiera from a corner but comes up empty. Kiera capitalizes with a kick to the head and tries to connect the Fishermen Suplex but Taya sidesteps and counters with the Road to Valhalla for the three count.

What did you think of the match? Are you excited to see Tessa Blanchard join Impact Wrestling? What do you think is in store for these Knockouts next? Let us know in the comments below!

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