Monday, September 27, 2021

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Ric Flair: TNA Knockouts ‘Work Harder Than Some of the Guys’

Legendary wrestler Ric Flair has bestowed huge praise upon the Knockouts division, saying that they “work harder than some of the guys”.

The Nature Boy, who came to TNA in January 2010 after leaving WWE following his retirement there, tells British website, The Skinny:

“When I first came to TNA I was just so surprised at how talented some of the guys on the roster were. We have without a doubt the best wrestlers the industry has to offer today. Not only are our main event guys the best but also our tag-team and the women’s ‘Knockout’ division. It is the girls that TNA get the most mileage out of because of how hard they work. I think they work harder than some of the guys, they are out there proving themselves every single night that they are serious about competing in this business. They are just great wrestlers.”

Thoughts: That’s got to mean a lot to the Knockouts coming from someone of Flair’s magnitude. Nice to see that he has taken notice and gives them credit where it’s due.

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