Home News Ronda Rousey leaves Elimination Chamber still Raw Women's Champ

Ronda Rousey leaves Elimination Chamber still Raw Women’s Champ

Ronda Rousey leaves Elimination Chamber still the Raw Women’s Champion, after beating Ruby Riott in a singles title match.

Ronda Rousey vs. Ruby Riott was announced for Elimination Chamber after Rousey bulldozed through the Riott Suqad, beating Liv Morgan in a scheduled Raw singles match, and delivering the armbar to Sarah Logan after Rousey antagonized her into an impromptu match.

Riott called out Rousey after the match during a backstage interview, where she said she would come after Rousey, but that her focus was currently on helping her friends and teammates.

Charlotte Flair sat ringside during the match, presumably to stare down Ronda Rousey ahead of their scheduled WrestleMania match. Riott came out of the corner hot and quick, but it just wasn’t enough. In a glorified squash match lasting only a few minutes, Riott submitted to Rousey’s armbar, allowing Rousey to retain her title.

Though the outcome was not a true surprise for any wrestling fan, the real action and promise occurred after the match. While Rousey and Flair stared each other down, Becky Lynch hobbled into the arena on crutches to remind everyone who should really be in the WrestleMania title match.

Lynch wasted no time extracting revenge, taking the crutches to Charlotte in a brutal fashion, Flair screaming out in pain. Lynch offered Rousey the other crutch to use on Flair, as well. Before Rousey could capitalize, though, Lynch took her crutch to Rousey, too. The scene ended with Flair writhing in the ring in pain, Rousey’s blood covering the mat, and Lynch being escorted out of the arena by security.

Many considered the title match at Elimination Chamber to be tossed together last second, garnering less attention than a title match should during a pay-per-view. Clearly, WWE put focus on the women’s tag team title match, instead of a singles title match.

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Did the right woman win the title? Will Becky Lynch pay dearly for her interruption and attacks?


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