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Ronda Rousey praises her favorite heels

This week on Ronda Rousey’s “Ronda on the Road” YouTube series, Rousey spent time answering questions and spoke about who her favorite heels are in the company.

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“And now that I’m a heel, I can openly profess my love to all the heels that I love. Here’s a list of some heels that I love: I love you Liv Morgan, I love you Sarah Logan. I love you Ruby Riott, and, I love you Stephanie McMahon.”Ronda laughed. “Well, I can’t go down the whole list. I’ll probably ruin everything. Everyone’s all mad. ‘No, you’re not supposed to like people. You’re supposed to hate. Don’t like your photo. Kayfabe is dead.’ Kayfabe zombie. Killed it to bring it back alive.” Ronda said sarcastically.

Rousey has embraced her heel turn persona and is certainly pushing the envelope each week on her Youtube videos and social media accounts. Week after week, she has fans turning on her, which is good for the buildup on the road to WrestleMania. Some think she has gone too far on many occasions by calling wrestling fake and breaking kayfabe.

What do you think of “Ronda on the Road?” Does she go too far with some of the things she says? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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