Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Roundtable Discussion Post for October 5th

The Roundtable returns tomorrow for a brand new episode — and I promise we’ll try to fix our audio issues from last week! As you’ll remember, we have a brand new format for the Roundtable which we kicked off last week, as we look back at the big news stories from the week gone by!

On Monday’s Roundtable, we discuss:
– Hell in a Cell: Alicia vs Mickie
Lacey Von Erich‘s blast on Angelina Love
– New plans for The Beautiful People: More skits/vignettes & less wrestling
Vickie Guerrero returns to WWE
Sara Del Rey working TNA house show
Krissy Vaine‘s heroes in wrestling; Trish Stratus disappointment

If you’d like to add your comments & ask a question for the Mailbag, reply with the following:

Lacey Von Erich: bad first impression?:
Are the new plans for TBP the right way to go?:
Is bringing Vickie Guerrero back as just a manager a waste as opposed to being a GM?:
Have you been disappointed by someone you look up to?:
Question for Melanie/Erin/Steven/Tiffany (delete as applicable):

Make sure your comment for each topic is no longer than one sentence. Any longer and it will be overlooked.

To take part in the reader survey for each of the topics follow the cut!


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