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Roundtable (July 30, 2009): Maryse-less Raw, Naked Knockouts & More


This week on the Roundtable: The gang is back together as all four of our writers discuss the big news of the week, in true Diva Dirt style. This week we discuss how Maryse‘s injury could affect Raw and what we expect of her comeback. In TNA news, we discuss the possible success of the company’s new deal with Playboy as well as if it is hypocritical of them to take the deal after TNA’s criticism of the WWE Divas. As always, we have comments from our readers, thoughts on the week in TV and some bonus news and notes!

To listen to the Roundtable directly on the website, just click on the play button below. However due to the length of the Roundtable discussion, we also have a download link available for those who want to listen to the MP3 file on their computer.

Note: Contains spoilers on future WWE/TNA shows.

Run Time: 1:14:59
[Download | File size: 68.6mb]

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