Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Royal Rumble Rewind: Women in the Royal Rumble Match

Ahead of the Royal Rumble this Sunday, we’re taking a look back at memorable Diva moments from the history of the Pay-Per-View.

Today, we’re looking at the Rumble’s female entrants. To date, we’ve seen three women take part in the Royal Rumble match: Chyna, Beth Phoenix and Kharma.

In 1999, Chyna made history as the first woman to compete in the match, drawing the coveted number 30 spot. She eliminated Mark Henry before being taken out by Stone Cold Steve Austin:

The following year, Chyna competed in the match again, this time entering at number 17. She eliminated Chris Jericho, who had defeated her in a match earlier in the night, but found herself eliminated by The Big Boss Man not long after:

In 2010, Beth Phoenix broke the Divas’ ten year dry spell as a surprise entrant at number six, eliminating The Great Khali in memorable fashion. She was eventually eliminated by CM Punk:

Most recently, and perhaps the most shocking of all, was the inclusion of Kharma in the 2012 Rumble match. She entered at number 21 and eliminated Hunico. She was eliminated by Dolph Ziggler:

Which Rumble appearance is your favorite?

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