Rusev and Lana launch new YouTube channel


Rusev and Lana launched a new YouTube channel yesterday. The channel was initially created in 2012 as a place to showcase Lana’s acting reels, but the couple re-branded the channel following the news they would be taken off Total Divas.

The two plan to release “a lot of different series” on the page, including a vlog. Interestingly, the channel is under their real names, C.J. & Miro Barnyashev, which will surely play into rumors surrounding their status with WWE.

This also comes in the aftermath of their frustrations with their portrayal on and recent departure from Total Divas. On a recent episode of Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Lana spoke candidly about resentment towards the creative process, which she believes caused a disconnect with fans of the show.

“In edit, they can do whatever they want and that’s out of your control,” Lana said. “If they want to make me look annoying, if I need to play that annoying girl, they’ll do that. But, you know, I understand that that’s what I signed up for and I also understand that when you sign up for reality TV, you have to be ready to not be perfect. That’s fine, but don’t screw me over when you go, ‘oh, all of a sudden, you’re not liked,’ and it’s because your editors are doing that.”

Wrestlers have used YouTube before to create some buzz, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Could this help them or possibly hinder them? Drop a comment below.