Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Sasha Banks returns at Extreme Rules; Charlotte Flair retains and destroys Lilly

Sasha Banks is back and The Boss made sure that the SmackDown Women’s Championship Match at Extreme Rules ended on her terms.

Bianca Belair was battling the SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in a dream match which many fans felt robbed of at SummerSlam. Banks was scheduled to be Belair’s original opponent at SummerSlam but was not there to compete.

The match between the two was quite competitive and the first time fans have seen Lynch in a full televised match since her return. The Man was very focused on trying to get a submission victory with the disarm-her, but The EST went to a KOD to put away the champ and regain the championship. Just as Belair was about to hit her signature maneuver, Banks made her return.

The Boss attacked Belair first which caused the disqualification and the bell to ring. Lynch then gave the thumbs up to Banks but was then attacked as well. After the attack on both challenger and champion, Banks retreated to the ramp and said she would see the both of them Friday on SmackDown.

The RAW Women’s Championship was defended earlier in the night in which Charlotte Flair retained her title.

A match that could have gone either way at times ended with a Natural Selection for Flair to get the pin. The Queen attempted Natural Selection earlier in the match but Bliss did a great job and escaping it.

After the match, Flair did the unthinkable and destroyed Lilly in the middle of the ring. Bliss then went after Flair who threw her over the commentary desk. Once Flair made her way up the ramp, Bliss had a complete breakdown as she mourned the destruction of her best friend. She gathered as much as she could of Lilly and went up to the top of the ramp while she cried and screamed.

On the Extreme Rules Kick Off show, Liv Morgan took on Carmella in her second-ever singles pay-per-view match. Much like her first one against Natalya at WrestleMania 36, Morgan picks up the win.

The final moments of the match went to the outside as Morgan planted Carmella into the announce table. After she got her adversary back in the ring, Morgan landed ObLIVion to get the pin and the win.

The WWE Draft starts this Friday on SmackDown and will conclude on the Oct. 4 episode of RAW. Diva Dirt will have a full rundown of the draft as it happens.

What did you think of Extreme Rules? Discuss your thoughts below.

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