Shayna Baszler warns the NXT Women’s Division


Shayna Baszler gets another chance at the NXT Women’s Championship next Saturday at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. Before her title opportunity WWE sat down with her to get her take on her rise through the NXT ranks.

On why this title challenge is different than before: Because now Ember Moon will have fear. Did she “win” by a technicality of the rules last time? Sure. But she still couldn’t lift her arm to wash her own hair, and she had trouble swallowing food and liquids afterwards. She knows there is no way to truly stop me. As soon as I grab ahold of her, she will remember that.

On whether her prep for WWE is different than MMA: : It isn’t that much different. Some things have changed. The round times and limits aren’t there to worry about, so pacing benefits me in that I can take the time to enjoy the damage I cause. But the goal is still the same. It’s the same bloodthirst. In MMA, there isn’t time to admire your work until it’s all over with. In sports-entertainment, I can admire what I’m doing while it’s happening. So pre-match, I guess you could say my mindset is more like a lion about to play with its food, rather than a lion trying to hunt out of necessity. But ultimately, I’m out to hunt my target.

On what fans should expect at TakeOver: New Orleans: All the keyboard warriors better gather together and bring tissues, because at TakeOver, the hero, Ember Moon, loses her title. And The Queen of Spades will be the new champ, while everyone else will still be crying. This isn’t a bandwagon; it’s a war wagon. You won’t be able to hop on because you’re going to get run over.

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