Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Shazza McKenzie wins Heart of SHIMMER title

Shazza McKenzie became the new Heart of SHIMMER champion with an upset win over Nicole Savoy at the SHIMMER 93 tapings Saturday at the Berwyn Eagles Club.

McKenzie was awarded a title shot based on her performance at SHIMMER 92 (taped earlier in the day) when she took a hellacious beating in a trios match pitting McKenzie, Madison Eagles, and Saraya Knight against Savoy, SHIMMER champion Mercedes Martinez, and Shayna Baszler. Rather than tag out when she had the opportunity, McKenzie chose to fight on to prove herself to her partners and the SHIMMER crowd.

“You showed a lot of moxy. You showed a lot of spunk. But most of all, you showed a lot of heart,” SHIMMER officer Allison Danger told McKenzie following that match. She rewarded the petite Aussie spitfire with a title shot against Savoy.

Once again, McKenzie took all Savoy could dish out before connecting with a modified Playmaker for the win.

With the win, McKenzie became the second woman every to hold the Heart of SHIMMER title.

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