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SHIMMER Volume 38 Taping Results Live from Berwyn, Illinois

SHIMMER returns to Berwyn, IL this weekend to tape Volumes 37-40 in its DVD series. Diva Dirt’s Cryssi, Eric and Steven are on hand bringing live results:

1. Daizee Haze def. Courtney Rush with a tiger suplex.

2. Tomoka Nakagawa def. Jessica James with a fisherman suplex.

After the match, Daizee came out proclaiming that Tomoka was a ‘winner’ and that they were undefeated as a tag team. Another tag team enters the title picture.3. Nikki Roxx and Ariel def. Regeneration X (Allison Danger and Leva Bates) with a double roll up. Regeneration x was dressed in V For Vendetta fashions and made several Doctor Who references. Lots of comedy in this match.

4. Sara Del Rey def. Christina Von Eerie with the Royal Butterfly. Back and forth match that saw Christina almost win with a submission. Very hard hitting.

5. Cheerleader Melissa def. Melanie Cruise with the Air Raid Crash in what was a hard hitting match with a lot of power moves.

Amber Gertner interviews Madison Eagles about future challengers. Madison brushes off Amber’s suggestion of Cheerleader Melissa.

Canadian Ninjas cut a promo on how unfair it is that a brand new tag team beats them when they have beat other headliners. Serena comes out and encourages the crowd to chant “former champs”. Serena reminds Portia that she cheated when she defeated her before.

Serena said she had a partner to challenge them. She brings out various women who wish to challenge them. Jessie McKay is Serena’s partner. The Ninjas call her a “Bella twin with an Australian accent” and encourage her to practice being “sexy, smart and powerful” while the real wrestlers wrestle.

6. Jessie McKay & Serena def. the Canadian Ninjas. All out brawl begins the match. The match ends with Portia and Serena brawling to the backstage area and Jessie getting the win over Nicole with the Boyfriend Stealer. Afterwards, Nicole gives Jessie a beatdown before leaving.

7. Mercedes Martinez def. Rachel Summerlyn with a Fisherman Buster. Best part of the match say Mercedes reverse a top rope suplex into a bulldog.

MsChif comes out for an interview with Amber Gertner. MsChif demands a rematch for the title. Madison appears and says she is not wrestling tonight. MsChif says she isn’t a true champ and Madison attacks her. Title match!

8. Madison Eagles def. MsChif to retain the SHIMMER Championship with the Hell Bound.

9. 3S (Misaki Ohata and Hiroyo Matsumoto) def. Britani and Saraya Knight in what was the best match of the evening. 3S is very over and the Knight Dynasty may have the most heat in SHIMMER history.

10. Ayako Hamada def. Ayumi Kurihara with two AP Crosses in a row. Kurihara kicked out of the first AP Cross. Many will say this is the best match of the night. Many spots have to be seen to believed.  Ayako thanked the crowd after and said that the Japanese people will never give up.

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