SHOCKING Main Roster Debut! Ronda Rousey Tops PWI Women’s 100 List


Ronda Rousey Makes Another Headline Toppling the Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 100 Female List, and The Man, Becky Lynch, is NOT happy about it! Also, we had a “Crazy” main roster debut of Nikki Cross on SmackDown, and Naomi wants a “bald” new look.

Survivor Series is NEXT WEEKEND. We go through the Team Captains and team members of SmackDown and Raw’s women’s team. Alexa being sidelined again from action. We also go through PWI’s Women’s 100 list, and it’s former Top spots over the years.

We also look back into WWE Evolution. Rumor leaked that WWE was planning a different Mae Young Classic winner. Also, another superstar might have been injured during the event.

Lastly we look into Ember Moon‘s Harry Potter/Game of Thrones themed wedding. Also Naomi wanting a bald look.


    • I’ve always seen her as more suited for an authority role; it’d fit with her strengths, and she’d only have to step into the ring sparsely when a feud called for it. Sadly, I don’t think Vince would want one of his golden geese to be put to pasture quite so soon. I fully expect her to Tie Trish’s record before she goes.

    • On that note, I’m a little conflicted with Ronda’s style. On one hand, it’s different. On the other hand, it seems like she can do so much better. She looks kinda plain compared to the other girls. Sometimes it’s jarring. It’s like watching some irate chick leaving her apartment in her undergarments in the middle of the night to beat up the damn club-ready bi*ches making noise while waiting for their Uber outside the former’s building.

      If she wants to do that tomboyish look like Del Rey mentioned below, maybe she can take some pages off of Lita’s golden era gear. She still looked like the anti-Diva type but at the same time, she didn’t look like minimal thought was put into her clothing.

  1. This flop doesn’t deserve all this push. So let me guess she will win over Becky at Survivor Series & go on to Wrestlemania just because of her fame as a fighter? Eww! I’d rather watch Alexa as champion for a year than this mess. At least she can do something good in that ring.

    P.S. it was about damnnnn time they bring in Nikki!

    • I understand that she is the most over talent WWE has now but it’s too early to give her such a massive push.. they can build her up in any side storyline and she still can be relevant, she doesn’t need to hold the women’s championship to be recognized.. first she is too green, second there are many other women who deserve the championship more than her. Sasha does sell merch, she does draw, she has alot of experience and great wrestler, she is full package, WWE universe were chanting we want Sasha in every women’s match until WWE killed her momentum.. it’s just that WWE push whoever they want, it’s disgusting.

  2. I agree with him Tegan Knox has no character her matches were ok over hyped imo pretty girl sweet a lot of her fanfare comes from sympathy girl has the worst luck also Io Shirai stood no chance against Toni Storm she was a afterthought Toni Storm was sold and built as the star of the MYC the entire competition and after

  3. I love the Ring the Belle youtube channel! I look forward to their videos weekly! I love the chemistry between Lola and DS too, because they stan for different women which is nice to see different perspectives on topics.

  4. I just don’t get get how Diva Dirt’s supposed new direction now includes a YouTube channel that is the epitome of the old DD at it’s very worst.

    It’s just a bunch of old news and even older rumours (all entirely related to the WWE, of course!) being vaguely chatted about without any real insight or analysis.