Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves…

Sibling rivalry… seems to be a recurring theme with WWE at the moment. Friday night’s episode of SmackDown teased some tension between the Bella Twins, could these two already be splitting up? Check out the footage below:


The fans already seem to be sick of the twin gimmick and have been slowly but surely turning on the Bellas. So far their stay on SmackDown has been somewhat uneventful, with the odd match here and there and somehow they’ve managed to hook up with the Colons. When you introduce a sibling duo to WWE, it’s eventual that they’ll split up and feud – but I didn’t see it happening this early.

It’s too soon to tell what’ll happen with these two, but that segment did tease some dissension. I think this feud could be very interesting and would add yet another dimension to the SmackDown Divas division. It’ll even up the heels and faces a little more too. But it’s doubtful that the fans care enough about either twin for it to work. We’d have to be able to tell them apart first…

What do you think, are the Bellas heading it splitsville? Which twin would you like to see as the heel and face? Can you figure out which twin it was that sided with M&M in that video?

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