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Slammiversary Predictions: Rosemary vs Sienna in a Women’s Title Unification match

Tonight at Slammiversary TNA Impact Women’s Champion Rosemary will face GFW Women’s Champion Sienna in a Women’s Title Unification Match. It’s out with the old and in with the new as TNA rebrands itself as GFW, affecting all titles tonight.

Who will walk out a unified champion? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Abir: With Sienna being GFW Women’s champion, that would make it seem like she’s the obvious choice to win with TNA essentially becoming GFW now. On top of that, Rosemary will have the upper hand due to how unpredictable she can be. So with that, I say Rosemary will win!

Alex: While I’m a big fan of the character development that Sienna has had lately, Rosemary has been a great fighting Champion and I can see her getting the victory. It’s mainly due to the bigger program here, where we will inevitably Rosemary take on the ever-present Gail Kim. What better way to set her up for Gail than to go over the next biggest threat, unify the title on TNA’s big PPV and make her look badder and stronger than ever before.

Josue (who submitted his prediction last week): I wish I could be more excited for this match but there’s a lack of enthusiasm over a lack of real story here and the Knockouts division itself. This match (as well the World Heavyweight Title scene) are merely a way to get rid of the GFW Titles – which never had any true legs to stand on. I’m pretty confident that the Knockouts Championship will continue its lineage post Slammiversary, with maybe a new ‘Impact’ design to go with it. As much as I loved Taryn Terrell, Rosemary has been an absolute star for the division and if anyone is going to break Taryn’s record as the longest reigning Knockouts Champion, I’d love for it to be Rosemary! So I’m going to go with Rosemary for the win!

Matthew: I have to go with Rosemary on this one.

Stephanie: I must admit, I’m not as caught up on Impact as much these days but I’m going with Rosemary for the win. She’s stood out in a sea of mediocrity as the Knockout Division continues to face an up hill battle in reorganizing itself. She’s a driving force and an integral part of the division, especially in this story where she’s slowly turning face due to her budding friendship with good girl Allie. Sienna needs more development and this match is a good place to start while having Rosemary continue her reign. Gail Kim awaits Rosemary at the top of the mountain.

BREAKDOWN: 5 for Rosemary, 0 for Sienna

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Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

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