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SmackDown 07/17/18: Becky Lynch has Carmella’s number

Coming off of Extreme Rules, Carmella is still champion. She beat Asuka for the second time, in case you didn’t know. So Carmella has beaten Charlotte Flair twice and now Asuka twice. Mella is money is on a roll, but now going into SummerSlam she needs a new opponent. Becky Lynch has been making many women on the roster tap out in recent weeks, and after her match last night against Mandy Rose she is looking to add another victim. Before we get into the match a few other things occurred with the women’s roster to mention.

Before Smackdown started Zelina Vega approached AJ Styles as he entered the arena. She formerly introduced herself to him. Styles was mentioning he needs a new opponent since he beat Rusev to retain his title at Extreme Rules. Vega let him know that Andrade “Cien” Almas would love to challenge him for his title. Styles agreed to face Almas later on that night. Despite Vega’s best efforts to manage a win for Almas, he was greeted with his first loss against Styles.

Lana appeared in a backstage segment with Aiden English. English felt bad for exposing the turnbuckle in Rusev’s match against Aj Styles for the title at Extreme Rules. Rusev was the casualty of English’s attempt to help. English begged Lana to convince Rusev to forgive him. Lana said that Rusev was really angry, disappointed and needs his space. Lana questions if English is still what is best for Rusev. English then said that everyone deserves a second chance. Lana seemed to agreed and said she would take that under consideration.

Earlier in the day before Smackdown started, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville talk about Rose’s opponent later on that night. They discuss Becky Lynch’s winning streak as of late. Rose says she finally looks like straight fire again instead of a straight hot mess. She declared that she was the last person to defeat Lynch and she will be the next. She vowed to put out Lynch’s fire because no one burns brighter than Mandy Rose.

Now onto the match itself. Mandy Rose showed power and offense through the beginning to the middle of the match. She did a nice job at countering Lynch and avoiding her attacks. One of the big moves in the match was when Rose gets the knee to Lynch’s face. Lynch kicked out at the count of two, which led to frustration setting in for Rose. Once the frustration set it, Lynch took advantage. She was able to execute a Bexploder and then lock in the dis-arm-her on Rose for the submission victory.

After the match, Lynch thanked the fans. She then called out Carmella and said that Becky Balboa is ready to become a two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion.

General Manager Paige is then seen backstage. She is happy the Lynch has received such a positive reaction to the roll that she has been on. Carmella shows up and exclaims that she beat Asuka twice now. She requests a Mellabration to outdue to any past Mellabration. Paige lets her know that she will have a match against Becky Lynch next week. Carmella exclaimed that she will not be putting her title on the line. Paige agreed with her that next week her title will not be on the line, but if Lynch wins then Carmella needs to defend her title against her at SummerSlam.

Thoughts: I am pretty excited over Becky finally getting a title shot. I know she has to beat Carmella next week, but after them having her beat her competitors week after week I am sure she will be Carmella’s opponent at SummerSlam. I think Becky vs Carmella is going to be way more interesting then Asuka vs Carmella was. I am also glad that Becky is done beating each member of the tag teams on Smackdown so that they can actually just face each other now. *fingers cross*. I am just not a big fan of a singles wrestler feuding with a tag team.

Where’s Naomi?!?!?!

Zelina Vega is amazing. I wish she would get in the ring though. That is all.

And I am assuming Lana’s accent is completely gone now? She only has it when she says Rusev’s name. I am okay with it, it is just funny.

That’s all I really have! See ya guys next week!

Are you guys excited for Becky finally getting a title shot? Would you rather have Becky or Mella as champ? Since they seem to have had just one storyline going on since like WrestleMania, what storylines would you like to see?

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