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Smackdown 07/24/18: DisArmHer at SummerSlam

Coming off of RAW where Stephanie McMahon announced Evolution, the first EVER All Women’s WWE PPV is slated to happen in October, the women of Smackdown are looking forward to their moment in the spotlight. It was announced that all three Women’s Titles across all brands, as well as the to be determined NXT UK Women’s Champion, will be defended. With that being said, every woman on the Smackdown Live roster can hope to have that title match opportunity.

With over 50 women set to appear at Evolution, this is a huge platform for every woman to step up and grab the brass ring. With Evolution still three months away, let’s focus on the now and discuss what occurred on this week’s Smackdown Live! We have two matches, along with a few other women throughout the show to highlight (Nope, still missing Naomi). So let’s get started with the review.

The show opens up with a limo arriving at the arena. Stepping out of the limo first was The Miz. No surprise that the A-lister arrived in style as his new reality show Miz & Mrs is set to premiere right after Smackdown. After Miz exited the limo, his wife Maryse also stepped out. They brought their baby, Monroe Sky with them to Smackdown for the premiere party main event later on in the show.

Next, in a WWE exclusive, Lana and Zelina Vega can be seen backstage arguing. Once the arguing comes to a boil, in comes Andrade “Cien” Almas and Rusev to see what the problem is. Lana lets Rusev know that Vega is disrespecting Rusev Day. Vega corrected Lana and said that what she actually said was that her client, Almas, is better than Rusev and should be AJ Styles opponent at SummerSlam and not Rusev. Lana makes a point that if Aiden English didn’t interfere in the Rusev/Styles title match at Extreme Rules then Rusev would be champion right now. Rusev then challenges Almas to a match to which Vega gladly accepts.

The match between Almas and Rusev is up next. With bot Vega and Lana at ringside, there was no telling what could happen. The two exchange words and it only took a moment for the ladies to go at it. Vega slaps Lana across the face to initiate the attack. Lana then takes down Vega to the ground and starts throwing punches. Aiden English comes running down the ramp to break up the women. After English pulls Lana off of Vega, Vega jumps on his back and starts punching him. This causes Lana to be knocked back to the ground. With all the commotion going on outside the ring, Rusev, concerned for his wife’s well being, is distracted long enough for Almas to pick up the win.

After the match in the backstage area, English and Lana are arguing over what has just transpired. They are arguing over who is better for Rusev and that Lana was fine helping her husband all on her own. English explains he only came out to help because that is what is beat for both Lana and Rusev. Rusev, tired of hearing them yell at each other, interrupts them and proclaims that maybe neither one of them are good for Rusev Day.

Asuka is interviewed backstage by Dasha about how excited she is about Evolution. Asuka says she is extremely excited about it, but first, she needs to face an old familiar foe in that of Billie Kay.

The day before, the IIConics had some choice words to say about Asuka. To sum it up, they declare that they are in fact, better than Asuka.

The match itself wasn’t very long (#GiveDivasAChance?), but its purpose may have been to start the feud with Asuka against the IIconics. The match started with Kay toying with Asuka and slapping her as if she was bullying a kid on the school playground. After a few slaps to Asuka’s head, she had enough and went right after Kay. Peyton Royce attempted to get involved by playing a tug of war with Asuka. Royce was pulling Kay’s hands over the middle rope from the outside of the ring as Asuka pulls the ankle of Kay from inside the ring. Eventually, Asuka gets Kay pulled away from Royce which knocks Royce to the ground. Asuka executes 3 kicks to the head of Kay that finally takes her down to the mat. Asuka then rolls over Kay to get the victory via pinfall.

General Manager Paige continues her important duties as GM of the blue brand by presenting herself in the ring with the WWE Championship contract for AJ Style’s match at SummerSlam. She goes on to say how happy and proud she is of the upcoming Evolution PPV and how it will encompass the past, the present and the future of women in the WWE. She then introduces Styles.

Once Styles comes to the ring, he says some positive words about the upcoming all women’s PPV. He said it makes him think of his daughter and how she can become whatever she wants in the world one day without any boundaries. After his speech, he signed the contract. Paige then goes on to introduce Styles’ opponent for SummerSlam (with a drumroll), and James Ellsworth comes out.

Ellsworth goes on to say that he came back to win the title and he has already beaten Styles 3 times in the past. Paige lets Ellsworth know that he is a joke and questions why he decided to come out as he is not going to be Styles’ opponent.

Ellsworth starts degrading Paige by saying she looks horrible and that she is as pale as a ghost. Paige clearly having enough of his tom foolery, let’s him know she has two words for him, “YOU’RE FIRED!”. Paige asks for security to come down and escort him out. Paige leads the security men to the backstage and to back exit doors to the arena. She then has the security put Ellsworth down just so that she can kick him in the rear end right out the doors!

Right after Ellsworth is fired, (Oh yeah, Samoa Joe then attacked Styles from behind announcing he will be Styles opponent), Paige confronts Joe backstage. He says what he did to Styles was not only unpredictible, but was also phenomenal. Carmella then approaches Paige to express her discontent over Ellsworth’s firing.

After the firing, Ellsworth takes to Twitter to try to campaign about the unjust act.

Next up we have the second match of the evening where Becky Lynch takes on the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Carmella. If Lynch wins then she will earn her title shot against Carmella at the biggest event of the year, SummerSlam. Since Ellsworth was fired before the match, Carmella did not have her Plan B with her. The match showed Carmella try everything she could to put Lynch away. She tried multiple times to hit the kick to the head of Lynch with no avail. She even tried to pin Lynch by using the rops as leverage and the lass kicker was able to kick out. The match culminated with Lynch trying to hit a leg drop from the top rope but missed. Carmella, the Princess of capitalizing, went for the pin. Unable to put Lynch away, frustration set in and distracted her. This led to Lynch locking in the disarmher and making the champion tap out. Lynch earns her title math at SummerSlam.

In a WWE exclusive, Lynch explains her road to where she is now in her career and her determination to become a 2-time Smackdown Women’s Champion.

The main event was the “Premiere Party for Miz & Mrs.” The main focus here for the women was when Maryse mentions the Evolution PPV and proclaims that the women’s evolution started with her. Cpuld this mean we see the Mrs. back in ring competition come October 28th?

To see the full main event segment, you can check it out here:

Thoughts: WOW! What a huge announcement for the women of the WWE! Yes, i know here has been all women shows in other promotions. I actually live 15 minutes away from Shine and I have gone and seen their incredible shows, however, let’s face it WWE is as mainstream as it gets. I have been a huge wrestling fan since I was 15yo, and 20 years later I am still proud of that fact. I have always supported the women of wrestling. I am a firm believer that anything a man can do, a woman can do, and maybe better. Maybe that is why I idolized Chyna so much?

Over 50 women! I am imagining all the potential matches they could have, the past women coming back, and who could main event. My guess on the main event is of course Ronda Rousey, and unlike most people, I am okay with that. I am praying for a Mickie James vs Trish Stratus match. Ideally, Mickie going in as champion to face Trish in a title match would be ideal, but I know that won’t happen. I won’t lie, all of this has brought tears to my eyes.

Now let me switch gears to what transpired on Smackdown. I am totally here for a Lana and Zelina feud. They are two of the best managers in my opinion probably in the past 5 years. If this ends up in the ring, I will be pleased. Plus Rusev and Almas can put on some good matches together.

Paige “firing” Ellsworth was great. I finally didn’t want to throw my remote at my tv when he was on my screen.

I will say one negative thing though, and that is what in the world are they doing with the IIconics. The match was not good, like at all. Asuka has been lacing up her boots for 3 to 5 minute matches on Smackdown as of late. What is this 2013?

I was pretty excited to see Maryse. Her mentioning that she was the Evolution gave me hope that she will get back in the ring.

I am actually really excited about Carmella vs Becky at SummerSlam:

1: Because I want Becky as champ again
2: Their chemistry together is better then Asuka’s with Carmella.

I think that Asuka needs to turn heel to be honest.

Overall this Smackdown was good, and minus the Evolution announcement, I would say Smackdown beat RAW this week.

What did everyone think of Smackdown this week? What did you like and dislike? Will Becky win the title at SummerSlam? Let’s converse in the comments!

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