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Smackdown 09/04/18: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Hey hey SmackDown fans!!! We are less than two weeks away from the next PPV, Hell in a Cell, and the rivalries keep heating up on SmackDown with the Women’s division. Just like the past couple of weeks, the women are being represented all over the show this week. There was only one Women’s match and to be honest, with all the women being involved on the show, it didn’t matter. The main focus of the night was between Maryse along with her husband, The Miz, and Brie Bella and her husband, Daniel Bryan.

The show kicks off with Renee Young in the ring. She welcomes everyone to SmackDown and introduces Bella and Bryan to come out to the ring. After Maryse and The Miz jumped them from behind last week yet again, they wanted to call out the “It couple” to come out so they can handle their business face to face. Young shows everyone an exclusive from earlier in the day from the Miz and Maryse.

With the battle of the couples heating up, Maryse and the Miz attempt to call out Bella and Bryan. They attempt to call them out, before the show. Yes, that is right, before the show. Maryse and The Miz are shown in a WWE Exclusive where they are in the middle of the ring, in the empty arena, and they are calling out their Hell in a Cell opponents. Needless to say, Bella and Bryan did not respond to their demand, because they had not arrived to the arena yet.

After the exclusive, Bryan continues to call his opponents cowards. Once Young lets Bella and Bryan know that their adversaries have left the arena, they are shown on the screen at a local Italian restaurant. They take jabs at the city of Detroit by saying that they have closed down the restaurant, just to them, so they do not have to eat with the citizens of Detroit.

They continue the game of cat and mouse and say they took the rest of the night off. The Miz says that they will just have to wait for the Hell in the Cell PPV and the couple ended the video with saying, “Arrivederci, Bellas.” After finding out that Maryse and The Miz are not in the building, Andrade “Cien” Almas‘ music hits and Zelina Vega joins him out to the stage.

Almas faced Bryan last week, however the match ended in disqualification because the Miz attacked Bryan from behind. Almas challenged Bryan to a rematch and the match is granted. During the match there was no interaction between Bella and Vega. Bryan won the match by a knee to the face to Almas.

After Bryan gets the pin, Bella enters the ring to celebrate with her husband and Vega enters the ring to console her client. Bella then takes advantage of this moment and gets her revenge on Vega from last week’s attack. Bella kicks Vega down to the mat and then hits a running knee to her face. Bella and Bryan continue to celebrate a win for Bryan with the “Yes!” chants in the ring.

After the match, Bryan and Bella can be seen exiting the arena with their suitcases. When asked why they were leaving so early, they stated they wanted to have some dinner. Italian, maybe?

The feud between the former best friends, current Smackdown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch continued this week. The two were in “two different locations” for an interview. Tom Phillips asked Flair if she was able to wrap her head around the breakdown of her close friendship with Lynch. The crowd continues to chant “Becky” during this interview, even with her being the heel in this situation. Flair rehashes that she won the title at SummerSlam but in the process lost her best friend. She further explains that she also feels that Lynch deserved a win that night. She continues saying that Lynch has always stated that in order to be the best, she had to beat the best. That night, Lynch didn’t beat the best in Flair. She wants to know what Lynch expected her to do.

Lynch asks Flair if she is done speaking, because she continues to steal her spotlight. Flair says that Lynch has put herself in the shadow and felt that they were equals. All Lynch had to do was ask for a title shot when Flair captured the title according to the Queen. Lynch took offense to this. Lynch responded with that statement with a, “I could have asked your majesty? Screw you”, mocking Flair’s Queen persona. Flair stresses the fact that Lynch threw away a 5 year friendship. Lynch explains how she had a full time job being her friend. She had to cater to Flair’s insecurities and convince her that she was good enough to wear her robes and carry the Flair last name.

According to Lynch, Flair isn’t good enough and that she will be coming for her spot at the top of the Women’s division even though Flair is in her way. Flair starts applauding to Lynch finally showing the Straight Fire she always talks about. She concludes the segment by telling Lynch she has her title shot at Hell in a Cell. She will be staring across the ring at who she considers second best. She was not second best as a friend, but she is second best in the ring. Lynch calls her delusional and tells her to shine up the title real nice because she will never be seeing it again after their match.

The only match for the women of the night was a rematch for Naomi between her and Peyton Royce. The match is another short one, but it was just a placeholder to lead to some help for Naomi. Naomi has been defeated the past two weeks by both Royce and her IIconic partner, Billie Kay. The IIconics attempt to keep the numbers game in their favor again this week. When the referee isn’t looking, Kay takes advantage with a hit to Naomi’s face. This wasn’t enough to keep Naomi down. She wins the match by executing a sunset flip and pinning Royce. Naomi’s victory is short lived as the IIconics attack Naomi after the match. After the post attack, Asuka‘s music hits. Asuka comes out to the ring and takes out both Royce and Kay. Asuka helps Naomi up to her feet and keeps her eye on the Australian duo.

In a WWE exclusive, Naomi shares her gratitude to the Empress of Tomorrow for finally having her back and evening up the numbers.

For weeks, R-Truth has been trying to have a match with Carmella. He feels that if he pins Carmella he will get a United States title match. Here we have Truth backstage and he approaches who he thinks is Carmella, but it is actually Maryse. The Miz and Maryse have returned from the Italian restaurant and their self proclaimed “night off.” Earlier in the night, General Manager Paige let The Miz know that he will have a match later on, so he better not leave. Miz and Maryse came back looking for Bryan and Bella, but they had already left to go to the restaurant.

Truth approaches Maryse, and after calling her Carmella, Maryse feeling offended says that she can not believe he would confuse her for that Staten Island trash. Miz threatens Truth by telling him not to ever talk to his wife like that again. Truth is shocked that Miz is married to “Carmella.” Miz and Truth discuss that it has been 7 years since they were a tag team, and according to Miz, that was the last time Truth was relevant. Truth, still thinking Maryse is Carmella, tells Miz that he doesn’t know what “Carmella” sees in him.

A little bit later, Truth is with Tye Dillinger and they are looking for Carmella. They run into Carmella backstage and Truth asks Carmella if she has seen “Carmella.” Obviously annoyed with Truth, she yells at him and says she is Carmella and to leave her alone. He asks her for one night only to call a truce and if she will accompany him to the ring. He will be in the main event against The Miz and he knows that The Miz will bring the “other Carmella.” The Princess who is obviously confused by the questions Truth is asking. Dillinger confirms he means Maryse. Truth says that it is not Maryse, as Maryse is his cousin from Detroit and she is not nearly as vicious.

Truth lets Carmella know that Maryse called her Staten Island trash. This was enough to cause Carmella to say that she has more talent in her left pinky finger then that bleached blonde has in her whole uncoordinated body. She also stated that if Maryse wasn’t married to the Miz then she would be bagging groceries somewhere in Montreal.

The main event arrives and Carmella does accompany Truth out to the ring. Carmella chimes in with Truth’s entrance by chanting the “What’s Up,” parts of the rap. She does not insert herself into the match at any point, nor does she go after Maryse. At the end of the match, Miz has Truth in position for the skull crushing finale. Bryan’s music hits and he and Bella make their way out on the stage. Truth counters and rolls Miz up for the win.

Bryan and Bella storm the ring to take out Maryse and Miz. Bryan gets Miz into the Yes Lock whereas Bella attempts to channel Brie Mode on Maryse. As Bella is about to hit Maryse, Vega appears out of nowhere with Almas who come to help the A Lister and his wife yet again. Almas and Vega get their hits in, however this is short lived. This time, Bella and Bryan are able to counter the attack and lock in the Yes lock on Vega and Almas, as Maryse and Miz flee up the ramp. The show ends with Bella and Bryan insisting Miz and Maryse get in the ring to face them.

Thoughts: Another great night for the ladies of Smackdown!!! Every woman on the active roster was represented except for Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. They must have taken Naomi’s place in catering. Someone has to do it. Lana was on as well, and I did not include her in the recap, because nothing happened with her. She came out with Rusev Day and say by the announce table during the match.

I am really excited with the intertwining of the storylines. There are three solid storylines happening right now. Brie/Maryse, Naomi/IIconics and Becky/Charlotte. What is great storytelling is that they have incorporated Zelina in with Brie/Maryse and now have also thrown in Carmella into the mix. I wish Carmella would have actually went after Maryse, but I still like that they have included her. I guess Carmella may now be a baby face though? That is the most awkward turn since they made Mickie James heel. I am okay with it though. I like the whole R Truth/Carmella interactions and I am glad they are going to be partners in the Mixed Match Challenge. I am really looking forward to Maryse getting back in the ring at Hell in a Cell and I hope that she continues to have matches.

Again, I am here completely for heel Becky. Her smug look and attitude during the interview was perfect. The only thing that can make this feud better is if they actually let them have a Hell in a Cell match. This match should be in one and we all know it.

I am okay with Asuka being Naomi’s help, but I really just wish that team Ravishing Glow would happen and Lana/Naomi can rule the women’s tag team division. I am not sure why they can’t allow the IIconics to have longer than a 5 minute match, but their matches lately have not been a favorite of mine.

It took me until after the show was finished to realize there was only one woman’s match. There were so many segments involving the women that it kept me engaged.

Another great Smackdown is in the books, until next time…

What did you think of this weeks Smackdown? Which storyline are you the most invested in? Where do you think they will take the Becky/Charlotte storyline next week? Discuss your thoughts below!!

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