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SmackDown Redux (December 20th, 2013): Is Brie Back in the Title Hunt?

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! After defeating the Bellas and Natalya in tag team action this Monday on Raw, Divas Champion AJ Lee is taking some time off, as her bodyguard Tamina Snuka takes on Brie Bella in singles action. Check out the match below:

We kick off the match with Brie (accompanied by Nikki Bella) and Tamina (accompanied by Leather Vest) already in the ring, as AJ takes a seat on commentary. The official calls for the bell and our Divas match underway.

Brie gets the advantage early with a kick combination into a crossbody for a nearfall. With her opponent reeling, Brie tosses her out of the ring and nails her with two boots to the face. Tamina climbs back into the ring and gets a slap to the face from Brie, but gets the last laugh with a huge bodyslam.

Tamina puts the boots to Brie, before dragging her out of the ring and slamming her into the ringframe, earning a nearfall of her own. After a kneestrike and another failed pin attempt, Tamina goes for the submission victory, locking in a sleeper hold.

With some encouragement from her sister, Brie fights out and gains momentum with a flurry of attacks, but Tamina stops her dead in her tracks with a kick to the face for another nearfall.

Frustrated, Tamina goes to the ropes for the Superfly Splash, looking to finish Brie off. Unfortunately for her, she goes flying right into Brie’s knees and gets rolled up by Brie, who is able to keep her down for the three count.

Post-match, AJ freaks out at ringside and Brie shoves her to the ground and celebrates with Nikki.

Thoughts: So are we going with Brie vs AJ yet again, WWE? I love the Total Divas as much as anyone, but in terms of the division, something has to give. AJ had been defending her title against the same group of girls for months and it’s getting a bit stale. WWE needs to pull the trigger on making one of these girls champion or build up another Diva to be a credible challenger, because seeing the same thing, week after week (and month after month), just isn’t  out anymore.

That’s all for this week, guys! Until next time!

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