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SmackDown Redux (December 30th, 2011): Could the Year of Tamina Be Upon Us?

Hello there, and yes, before you automatically jump to conclusions, I’ll just get the elephant in the room out of the way…Steven’s computer did get another case of Anal Bleeding. Sad, I know, but as they always say, the show must go on, so here I am to bring you the Smackdown greatness from the final show of 2011! Tonight, we saw a Divas Tag Team match, pitting Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn against the Third Generation duo of Tamina and Natalya. Can Tamina and Natalya bond over their family lineage? Will Alicia Fox continue her hot streak? Will I go into fits of sheer happiness that the great Kaitlyn is wrestling on Smackdown again?

Your answers to all this and more below…

As we head out to the bluely lit arena, some peppy party music starts to play alongside a pink camouflage titantron, that of which can only mean one thing…FOX! Out comes Alicia, but alongside her is none other than Kaitlyn, as the two ladies get ready for some tag team action. Following their introduction by Lilian Garcia and a brief recap of Alicia’s dominance, out walks their opponents in Natalya (without the tissue box…pardon me as I cry) and Tamina, both of whom look stellar tonight. As all four walk to their respective corners, the bell sounds and we kicks things off.

Tamina and Kaitlyn begin the bout together, as Tamina goes for a clothesline that Kaitlyn ducks. She runs off the ropes and hits a nice crossbody for a pinfall attempt, following it up with a dropkick for another. A kick to the midsection, proceeding on with a snapmare to Tamina, before charging off the ropes and getting hit by Natalya. Kaitlyn turns her attention to the pink and white clad diva, which allows Tamina the sneak attack advantage from behind. Tamina then tags in Natalya, as they double team Kaitlyn to make her pay for messing with them. Hook of a leg gets a one count, as Nattie slams Kaitlyn’s head down and applies an awesome submission. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long as the hair is being grabbed to initiate a count of five.

Following that, Natalya hoists Kaitlyn up with a sick sit down bodyslam, as she then goes for a legdrop that Kaitlyn rolls out of the way from and makes the tag to Alicia Fox! Fox hops over the ropes and leap frogs over a charging Natalya. From there, she runs forward and BAM! The return of the Scissors Kick which scores the victory for Kaitlyn and Alicia. As they celebrate, Tamina seems very upset with Natalya for their loss. She backs up and DRILLS Nattie with an indescribably hard super kick! Tamina then proceeds to ascend to the top rope and leap off with her patented Superfly Splash! She poses over her downed tag team partner, as we are left wondering if 2012 will be the year that Tamina makes her presence known in the divas division.

And just because I can, check out everyone’s favorite pocket rocket, AJ, as she briefly talks to Daniel Bryan:

…And since I do support the FCW Divas, you can also view Aksana in a segment alongside her Teddy Bear and the phenomenal Drew McIntyre:

Thoughts: This is what I like to see with Smackdown. I know we’re lucky to get a minute or two of ring action, and I’ve come to accept that. I just like seeing some variety in the matches. Nothing against any of the girls who are prominently featured, but it’s fun to see divas like Kaitlyn and Tamina being used on the blue brand because it gives the matches some freshness. I thought what they did was fine, although it was kind of odd that Alicia only did one move. I’m guessing maybe they were running low on time, or something was possibly edited out, but nonetheless, I’m glad she’s bringing the Scissors Kick back. Natalya was great in the moves she was able to show, and I loved the submission and sit out bodyslam.

Onto Tamina, what can I say? I’m ecstatic that they are finally using her as a threat. She has such a unique look and demeanor about her that I always thought she could be something special for the WWE if given a chance. We all know how fast things can change week to week, so I hope they continue to do something more with her. Overall, in terms of time, it was the usual, although maybe a little bit longer, but in terms of action, I say it’s a definite step up over the past couple of weeks. I’m interested to see where things go from here.

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