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SmackDown Redux (January 14th, 2016): Becky Throws Down the Gauntlet

Welcome, one and all, to another SmackDown Redux! I’m filling in for Kyle this week as we get that much closer to the Royal Rumble. Will we get a Divas Title match at the Pay-Per-View? Well, if Becky Lynch has anything to say about it…

Our first sighting of the Lasskicker – an interview with Renee Young – answers that question directly:

We first recap what’s happened lately between Becky and Charlotte, leading to Becky throwing down the gauntlet. She challenges Charlotte to a Divas Title match at the Royal Rumble. She says Charlotte can bring the whole Flair clan, but nothing will stop this Lasskicking.

Shortly after is Becky’s next scheduled Lasskicking. Poor Brie Bella is put on the block once again, but at least she has Alicia Fox by her side!

The bell rings and they tie up, Brie kicking Becky’s legs out from under her. She slams Becky’s face into the mat repeatedly before trying to do the same in the corner. Becky blocks this, though, and sends Brie into the corner instead. Brie manages to fend off Becky and climbs to the second rope, leaping off and nailing Becky with a missile dropkick. Brie goes for the pin, but Becky kicks out.

Brie starts to work on Becky’s shoulder, locking in a submission. Becky quickly fights out, but it’s not for long, because Brie slams her to the mat. Brie gets Becky to her feet and backs her into the corner, landing kick after kick to her midsection. She does a bit of taunting that costs her, though, because when she turns back around, Becky sends her face-first into the corner.

Becky goes on an offensive streak, hitting Brie with uppercuts, clotheslines and a dropkick. Brie backs into the corner, where Becky hits a splash and a springboard kick to the chest. She hits an exploder suplex out of the corner and covers Brie for the pin, but it’s not enough. Becky starts to plan her next attack when she’s suddenly taken down into a small package pin by Brie! She kicks out, but Brie immediately tries for a Bella Buster. Becky takes her legs out from under her, though, and soon latches on the Dis-arm-her! Brie taps out.

Thoughts: This was a simple little match, but entertaining none the less. Becky is so interesting to watch, so I’m thrilled (albeit a little surprised) to see her in a title feud. Brie did her part really well too, though she’s still obviously a victim of the “fluctuating alignment” bug, having played a face on Raw before switching to heel here. She can do both well, obviously, but it makes it hard to take her seriously when she’s become some all-purpose tool, there to take a beating from both sides of a feud. I know the Diva bench isn’t exactly deep at the moment, but it really does Brie no favors for her to job to anyone and everyone.

I’m interested to see how Charlotte accepts the challenge on Raw. Will there be a stipulation added? Probably not. Will Ric Flair be in her corner at the Royal Rumble? Probably. I’m not too concerned about the specifics – I’m just looking forward to seeing Charlotte compete on a PPV with an actual story to tell. Her feud with Paige suffered from a lack of coherent story, but luckily, there’s no such murkiness here with Becky. Given the experience these two have with each other and their proven track record in big matches (thanks, TakeOvers!), we could be getting a great match next Sunday. I’ve got high hopes!

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