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SmackDown Redux (January 20th, 2012): Vickie Better Call Her Momma!

With the absence of a Divas match on last night’s episode of SmackDown (see Superstars instead), it was up to Vickie Guerrero and Brodus Clay’s funky mommas — Cameron and Naomi — to give us our Diva fix this week.

In a good ol’ fashioned dance off, Vickie showed us her dancefloor moves as she faced off against Brodus Clay — much to the amusement of SmackDown ring announcer, Lilian Garcia (Yes, girl, we caught you laughing your ass off!)

Watch as Vickie makes a show of herself and Brodus Clay jiggles… jiggles… and then jiggles some more. Oy vey. It’s enough to drive Lilian loca! (See what we did there?)

Thoughts: Though not a match, definitely a fun segment — if you can look past Brodus Clay and his jiggling man parts. Vickie brought the lulz while Cameron & Naomi brought the heat! I’m hoping one day we may see Naomi take center stage with Brodus, perhaps the two of them in a mixed tag feud with a Superstar & Diva.

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