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SmackDown Redux (January 24th, 2014): The Champ Makes Short Work of Cameron

Hello, Diva fans! I’m filling in for Steven this week on this “go home” edition of SmackDown. Does it count as a “go home” show for the Divas when the Pay-Per-View match is up in the air? Well, let’s just pretend it does..

On the deck is a match between Divas Champion AJ Lee and Cameron, who have Tamina Snuka and Naomi in their corners respectively. Let’s get started:

AJ kick-starts the match with…a kick. She tosses Cameron to the mat and takes her time about picking her back up and tossing her into the corner. She stomps on Cameron a bit before whipping her into the opposite corner.

AJ charges toward Cameron, but gets two boots to the face. AJ reels, and Cameron quickly hits her with a spinning face plant. She hits the Divas Champion with a series of clotheslines and a low drop kick.

With AJ prone, Cameron busts out some dance moves before hitting her with a split leg drop. She holds for a pin, but AJ kicks out at two.

As she tries to get AJ to her feet, Cameron spots Tamina attempting some distraction at ringside and takes her out with a baseball slide. This allows AJ to sneak up behind her and try for a roll-up, but Cameron kicks out right away.

Right off the pin attempt, AJ hits Cameron with the Shining Wizard, and that’s enough to take her out. After some awkward shoulder placement, the pin is counted and AJ is crowned the victor.

AJ and Tamina go to attack Cameron after the match, but Naomi’s right there, taking out both Tamina and AJ in impressive fashion. She even feigns a pin attempt on AJ, as if to say “I had you beat.”

Thoughts: Well, that was short. I suppose it makes sense, though, if you’re thinking of it in terms of a set-up match for the PPV. It makes AJ look strong and gives Naomi motivation to strike back at the Royal Rumble, as seen in Naomi’s post-match attack.

Of course, that’s not set in stone. The mere fact that the Divas Title match between AJ and Naomi may very well happen on Raw instead of the PPV pretty much tells me how it’s going to go: Naomi will put up a tough fight, but AJ will once again retain.

This match put AJ over as a strong, dominant champion, with her lengthy reign getting emphasis on commentary. Surely they’re setting up AJ for some strong, unexpected challenger to come along and unseat her, but is Naomi the woman who can do it?

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