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SmackDown Redux (January 27th, 2012): Why “Be a STAR” When You Can Make Fart Jokes?

Welcome to what might be the shortest SmackDown Redux in the history of Diva Dirt! This week we got the SmackDown in-ring debut of NXT 3 graduate, Aksana against the First Lady of the Hart Dynasty, Natalya. Can Natalya finally break her losing streak or will Aksana avoid a Lithuanian shovel beating by picking up her first win as a SmackDown Diva? But before we get into the match, let’s check out the backstage segment that led to the match:

… Wow. I’m seriously at a loss for words. Let’s just move on to the match:

So we start off with Natalya, already in the ring looking frustrated. Aksana is out next, using her Skinemax entrance theme. I’ll just assume that the crowd is so silent due to the shock from that backstage segment.

Right as the bell ring, Nattie starts shouting up the entrance ramp for Tamina to come to the ring. Aksana seizes the opportunity and rolls Natalya up, getting the upset victory. Post-match, a pissed off (and understandably so) Natalya attacks Aksana from behind and puts her in the Sharpshooter. Tamina makes the save and lays out Nattie with a Samoan Drop and a Superfly Splash to end the Divas segment for the night.

Can anyone explain to me? Seriously. From the cringeworthy segment backstage to the five second match, that had to be one of the worst showings I’ve seen for the Divas in the past few months, and that’s saying something.

I think the real loser here is Natalya. She went from being on the top of the world as a member of the Divas of Doom to a downward spiral in a matter of months. I’m usually not one to go on about how wrestlers are being ‘punished’ with the storylines they’re given, but it seems as though poor Nattie has really pissed off someone because she’s being dealt the worse hand ever, it seems.

Usually when we have an awful week for the Divas, I would end the Redux by praying we get a better segment next week. I’ll save my breath this week, as I don’t see how it can get any worse than this. Until next time, guys. *Farts and runs away*

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