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SmackDown Redux (June 22nd, 2012): Bell Hell for Daniel Bryan

While there wasn’t much action from the Divas on the blue brand this week, we got some more AJ/Daniel Bryan/Kane drama when AJ served as the special guest time keeper for Daniel Bryan vs Kane. I’m not sure it’s such a great idea to have someone as unstable as AJ wielding a hammer at ringside, but hey, what do I know? Will AJ insert herself into this match somehow? Will she skip some more? Will she bash someone’s brains in with that hammer? Check out the match below to find out!

First up, we got an awesome video package highlighting AJ’s antics in recent weeks. It’s so refreshing to see WWE put in the time and effort for a Diva with something like this. It just goes to show how impressive AJ has been.

Next up, it’s match time!

Believe it or not, AJ remains relatively calm throughout the match, restricting herself to just making a variety of faces at appropriate times, ranging from confusion to innocence to disgust. It isn’t until the end of the match that AJ throws a monkey wrench into D. Bry’s plan.

Daniel Bryan slaps the Yes Lock on Kane, looking to pick up a victory and as Kane fighting towards her ropes, AJ rings the bell, making Bryan think he won the match. Bryan releases the hold and starts celebrating, but the official informs him that Kane never tapped out. Daniel tries to go on the offensive, but the moment has passed. Kane lays Daniel out with a chokeslam and picks up the victory with an assist from AJ.

Post-match, AJ gives Kane her signature lovesick puppy smile, before skipping off to the back, leaving Kane confused in the middle of the ring.

To be honest, I’m loving this storyline with AJ. I know a lot of fans are waiting with bated breath for the payoff, but I’m really glad that WWE is taking it slow with this one. For once, the writers are building a storyline layer by layer, and really making the fans give a damn about what’s going on. I feel like the payoff of this storyline will be that much more satisfying when it happens because of this. I fully expect AJ to turn up the cray cray in the next few weeks, and solidify her spot as one of the top Divas in WWE today.

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