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SmackDown Redux (November 25, 2011): AJ Broken in Half & Left Heartbroken

Hello all and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! After picking up a win over Eve Torres at Survivor Series, Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, teams up with her fellow Sister of Salvation, Natalya in tag team action on this week’s edition of SmackDown. Who are their opponents, you ask? Their favorite punching bags, AJ and Kaitlyn, of course! Can the Chickbusters live up to their name this week, or will they be the ones to get busted? Check out the match below and find out:

We start things off at the commentary booth, where the lovely Alicia Fox has joined to give her opinion on this week’s Diva action. Beth and Natalya make their way to the ring first, sporting matching camouflage gear. As they head down the ramp, Alicia comments that Beth “…has more muscles than Mason Ryan”. Oh, no she didn’t!

The Chickbusters are out next, and the commentary team makes sure to point out that AJ and Kaitlyn are best friends, as well as Kaitlyn’s anger at AJ last week, after their loss. Both teams head to their respective corners and the official signals for the bell and our match is underway.

Kaitlyn and Natalya start things off for their respective teams with a basic lockup, but Nattie quickly gets the upper-hand and forces Kaitlyn into the corner. After a hip bump, Natalya charges at Kaitlyn in the corner, but Kaitlyn manages to escape and uses the opportunity to bring Nattie over to the Chickbuster corner for a tag.

After a quick double team splash in the corner, AJ keeps the pressure on Nattie with a quick kick to the leg and a fake out hurricanrana, that sends Natalya flying into the ropes. AJ tries to follow up with a roll up, but Nattie holds on, sending AJ to the mat.

AJ tries to back on offense, but Natalya grabs her by hair and pulls her down to the canvas. Before AJ can get her wits about her, Nattie slaps on the Sharpshooter, causing her to tap almost immediately.

Post match, a frustrated Kaitlyn leaves AJ at the mercy of Beth and Natalya, but Alicia makes the save.

Two things stood out to me in this match, and one of those things I’m not too thrilled about. Let’s start with the good: It looks like they’re setting Alicia Fox up to be the next challenger to the title, which only makes sense, as both Kelly and Eve had both had their shots. With any luck, Alicia vs Beth will be just as good as Kelly vs Beth and Eve vs Beth.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the bad: It looks like the Chickbusters may be officially heading to Spiltsville. For some reason, WWE seems to thinks that it’s time to go their separate ways, which is a damn shame. AJ and Kaitlyn have a pretty good chemistry with one another and I think they compliment each other really well, but I don’t think either of them are quite at the point where they can be split up without one or both of them getting lost in the shuffle. Hopefully, that won’t be the case. On the other hand, I gotta give WWE kudos for at least attempting a secondary feud with the Divas. I love Beth, Nattie and Kelly’s Krew just as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to see someone else get a chance to shine every once and a while.

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