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SmackDown Redux (November 4th, 2011): The Fox Escapes a Hunting Neidhart

Why, hello there. If you’re wondering why I, Bobby, loyal supporter of Miss Karen Jarrett, have hijacked the SmackDown Redux this week, well, let’s just assume Steven’s computer has another case of anal bleeding and is in worse condition than Jerry Lawler. Nonetheless, this week on SmackDown, we had a fast paced singles bout between the Diva with one of the best perky struts to the ring I’ve ever seen, Alicia Fox, and the Diva with one of the greatest pissed off walks in the business, Natalya. These two have met many times before; wins have been traded, hair has been pulled, but bragging rights are in order for this challenge.

Which fiery Diva will leave with a victory? Let us find out!


No, folks who didn’t see Raw a few weeks ago, Maria Kanellis has not returned to the WWE. This is clear to us because out pops Alicia Fox, decked out in her finest Fox hoodie (which she reassured us via Twitter that no animals were harmed in the making of). As I question how many of these I will see being worn by the Fox fanbase within the upcoming months, she hops herself up into the ring as we head to a commercial break. Upon returning, her opponent, Natalya, steps out from the back, and, oh my, if looks could kill, Alicia would be scurrying back to her foxhole and taking cover!

Natalya climbs into the ring and wastes no time trying to get her hands on Alicia, as we take a lengthy look back to Monday night’s Halloween battle royal. They focus on how Nattie eliminated Fox from the match, but it ended up costing her the victory as Eve took control from behind. Back to the ring, Natalya screams out that Alicia stuck her nose where it didn’t belong, and ever the perky Fox, replies that Nattie’s nose is bigger than hers! Them are some fighting words! The two lock up, as Natalya takes control with a side headlock takeover.

The ladies get to a vertical base, as they back into the ropes and Alicia tries to Irish whip Natalya, only Natalya reverses it, but then Alicia reverses it again! Alicia burrows down in the ring like she’s trying to hide behind a log from the Fox Hunter, Natalya, as Nattie jogs over her and runs off the other side. A-Fox leaps up over her opponent, and Natalya holds onto the ropes to stop her running. I’m sure she might be very dizzy or winded right now, but being the fighter she is, Natalya charges forward, right into a nice dropkick by Alicia. Nattie crawls to the corner, and tries to throw Fox into the turnbuckle, but Alicia manages to catch herself before she collides with it.

Both Divas get back up, as Natalya throws Alicia face first into the ring and begins kicking her in the leg. Fox cries out “OW!” multiple times, but the ruthless Neidhart doesn’t care, as she slams Alicia’s face down to the mat. Natalya grabs Alicia’s legs, as the two trade hilarious insults once again. She locks in a Boston Crab! Michael Cole mistakenly calls it the Sharpshooter (how does it feel to be the dumb one now, Cole?) as Fox manages to turn it over and kick Nattie backwards. Alicia goes to kick Natalya in the stomach, but Nattie catches her foot. Alicia then DRILLS Natalya with a sick enziguiri to the face. From there, she springs forward with a front flip leg drop and gets the victory! Natalya realizes what has happened, as Alicia poses on the entrance ramp to end the segment.

Thoughts: These two really know how to make an enjoyable match out of such little time given. I remember they did it once on Superstars, and now here as well. I thought the action tonight was hard hitting, fast paced, and overall, awesome. Their insults were hilarious back and forth to one another, and Alicia picking up the win seems to cement her more up in the level of Eve now. I’m curious to see where things are going from here, because surely the Divas of Doom need a third for this eventual six Diva tag. Let’s wait and see, but as far as tonight goes, Natalya and Fox delivered in a situation where it could’ve been ridiculously short. Hats off to both of them.

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