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SmackDown Redux (October 25th, 2013): No Love Lost

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! Just a few days away from Brie Bella‘s title match at Hell in a Cell, her twin sister Nikki Bella makes her return to singles competition, to face AJ Lee in a non-title match. Can Nikki wear AJ down for Brie’s title shot? Will AJ make an example out of Nikki? Will Tamina make another statement?! Check out the match below to find out:

We kick off our festivities with Nikki (along with Brie) already in the ring. AJ (accompanied by Tamina Snuka) makes her way to the ring next and our Divas match is quickly underway.

The Divas start with a basic lockup, but AJ squirms away. Nikki goes for another lockup, but the champion scrambles for the ropes. Nikki pursues, and ends up eating a elbow to the face. Feeling confident, AJ goes in the offensive, but Nikki counters with a drop toe hold, followed by a Thesz press, sending out to the floor.

AJ hides behind Tamina, trying to lure Nikki out of the ring, but when Nikki doesn’t take the bait, AJ climbs on the apron and snaps Nikki’s throat over the top rope for a nearfall.

Now in control, AJ plants Nikki with a neckbreaker for another nearfall, before locking in a chokehold. After some encouragement from the audience, Nikki gets free and unleashes a flurry of offense. Unfortunately for Nikki, AJ moves at the last moment as Nikki went for a running kick, sending her crashing into the turnbuckle on her bad leg.

Smelling blood in the water, Tamina makes a move on the the injured Bella, but Brie comes to the rescue…! And gets thrown into the steel steps. Ouch…

Ever the opportunist, AJ takes advantage of the situation, locks in the Black Widow on Nikki and picks up the win!

Also on the blue brand, we had an altercation between Natalya and Summer Rae, during the Fandango vs. The Great Khali match:

Thoughts: I was almost positive that Fandango and Summer Rae would have a feud with Santino and a debuting Emma, but I’m actually glad that Natalya is getting a shot here. Natalya is one of the most talented Divas on the roster, and if Summer Rae can learn anything from anyone, it’s Natalya.

Speaking of Summer Rae, I’m really happy to see her developing in a wrestling role. As we can see from her NXT work, the girl has loads of potential and is charismatic to boot. I see her making a huge impact on the Divas division in the future.

As for the match, it was decent. I thought Nikki seemed a bit rusty, but that’s to be expected after being injured for so long. I’m sure in a few matches, she will fall right back into line, in terms of in-ring performance.

I did think this was a very good preview going into Hell in a Cell. Brie has been on a tear lately, so it was good to see AJ and Tamina finally get the better of her, as well as gaining some momentum going into the PPV.

Well, that’s all for this week, guys! Until next time!

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