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Southern Belle Smack: Why the AJ-Cena Scandal Sucks, Even by My Standards

For someone who had a lot of time this week, it shocks no one that I am waiting until the last minute to put together this article. But here I am — several dozen Temple Run games later (FINALLY broke over 1,000,000 points!) — about to reveal my thoughts on the AJ/John Cena scandal. Exciting, right?

Well, it’s probably not as exciting as you would think. I don’t really have a lot of thoughts on this situation that make sense. It’s pretty clear that as of right now, AJ Lee is the “it girl” of World Wrestling Entertainment. For damn near a year, this woman has been the focus of several high profile storylines, working with several high profile people. And to think, it all started with an innocent angle with Daniel Bryan. Did any of us predict that between this date and NXT Season 3, that AJ would have been involved with Primo, Hornswoggle, Kaitlyn, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane, Paul Heyman, Vickie Guerrero, John Cena, and kinda sorta Dolph Ziggler?

Most Superstars don’t get to work with that many people in their entire career, storyline wise, let alone a Diva. What AJ has been given since gracing our television screens is unprecedented. If I recall correctly, the great Trish Stratus didn’t have that much going on in her first full year, but she did get to work with the greatest superstar of all time… bb Christian. But anyway, AJ is, like, awesome and stuff.

One of my biggest disappointments was the fact that AJ never made a clear cut decision during SummerSlam, but we really can’t argue with what’s happened. She’s had every little girl’s dream come true — a WWE wedding, not to mention, she’s been the General Manager of the flagship show. Currently, our spunky little AJ is involved in a hot feud with Vickie Guerrero that centers around what AJ did or didn’t do with John “Superman” Cena.

Now at first, I liked this storyline and I liked it a lot. It gave more heat to the Vickie/AJ storyline, it gave Ziggler a chance to work with Cena in an actual storyline, AJ and Vickie got to rub shoulders with Cena, it was keeping Cena out of the title picture. It was like a win/win for all. It hasn’t really worked out that way. Cena is still going to fight for the championship tonight. Ziggler has his own Survivor Series team. And AJ wants to present some kind of evidence against Vickie. That being said, and since my opinion isn’t so jaded and blinded anymore, I have to ask this question: Why are we doing this storyline in the first place?

Did the WWE forget that during Vickie’s reign of terror over on SmackDown that she was having relations with Edge and then Dolph? From a storyline perspective, it wasn’t like she was trying to hide whatever was going on. She freely flaunted her relationships with these men, having stables and unfair matches that catered to them and their respective quests for gold. Vickie ruled SmackDown like a dictator and if she didn’t like you, you were in for one hell of a rough ride.

AJ, on the other hand, has denied relations with Cena, and everything that has happened between them has been off camera. Whatever happens while you’re off the clock, so to speak, is your business, right? AJ wasn’t a perfect General Manager, by any means, but her behavior has been no worse than anyone else who has ever been in power. Raw and SmackDown have always been ran by corrupt General managers, with Vickie being at the top of that list. When I sit here and analyze all of this, I find myself with a major problem with this storyline.

Now, I know what you guys are saying; “Khaleesi, how is that you have a problem with something like this? You live for this kind of stuff.” That’s a completely fair statement and question. Even in Reduxes past, I have been positive towards this angle. And by no means am I ripping it apart right now. I just don’t get it. I really don’t. I have no idea where they are going with it, and it bothers me because in my head it doesn’t make sense. I hate being the person who sits here and analyzes something, especially when it centers around a Diva, but this time I can’t help it. Surely Vickie is being unethical by picking on one of her employees? Isn’t that what one of AJ’s main problems was? Wasn’t she supposedly being unfair by putting her hands on other people and making questionable booking decisions? Can we even sit here and compare these two situations?

I’m normally sunshine and rainbows and puppies over stuff like this, but this one is giving me a headache. I have said time and time again that I do NOT watch World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT for five star matches. I watch it to be entertained. It’s supposed to be storyline oriented, and it’s supposed to be fun. I just don’t find this angle fun. I don’t see what it’s accomplishing. I don’t see how it’s working for anyone. Y’all know I have issues, and that my mind works completely different than the average person, but I’m curious to see if there is anyone out there who is actually enjoying this.

I’m sure some people are excited over it. Some people are probably really annoyed by it. I just don’t get it. I don’t find myself curious at all to see whatever evidence AJ is going to present against Vickie tonight. It just seems like the storyline will just get more out of control. I don’t know. It just seems like this is going nowhere, or down a path where it doesn’t need to go. There’s not much they can salvage because it just doesn’t seem believable, and yes, I know WWE isn’t supposed to be believable. After all, Hand Henry was on television not to long ago all grown up, now wasn’t it?

Oh God forgive me, but that still makes me laugh.

I want to sit here and play fantasy booker, and figure out what might happen next, but nothing really comes to mind. I would have liked to see Cena/Ziggler end up fighting tonight instead of Cena involved with Punk and Roidback, and Ziggler having his own Survivor Series team. I would have liked to see AJ and Cena just admit they hooked up, instead of having an affair because their television personalities are single are they not? I would have liked to see Vickie flustered over the fact that Cena and AJ don’t care who knows they hooked up, after all, both are consenting adults. Sexual relationships are bound to happen you know. And I would have liked this storyline to have never gotten started given how Vickie was during her reign as GM on SmackDown.

That’s just my opinion. Scattered and all over the place, and perhaps a little bit of a contradiction, just like always! You know you love it. Until next time… Cryssi out!

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