Summer Rae comments on Sasha Banks’ WWE status


Former WWE Superstar, Summer Rae sat down with Ring the Belle’s DS Shin to countdown the top five moments according to fans. Rae, whose real name is Danielle Moinet, speaks on many topics while discussing these moments. She comments on her time in NXT, the infamous Rusev/Lana storyline, her feud with Layla, and her friendship with Sasha Banks and much more.

The formation of the faction BFF, which was listed as a top five moment, is where Moinet mentions she and Banks were and still are good friends. Shin capitalized from this moment by asking the hard-hitting question about the rumors circulating about Banks. Moinet seemingly confused was unaware of these rumors about her friend being unhappy and wanting to quit WWE.

While she doesn’t know anything about the aforementioned situation she says there were many rumors of herself going around when she was with WWE. After mentioning that everyone goes through things she mentions that she stays off the dirt sheets. Moinet feels a lot of information that is provided is hearsay and the dirt sheets aren’t right at all.

Her sentiment rings true in many situations. There are always two sides to every story. We certainly live in a world where a big game of telephone is what dictates the current social climate.

Watch the full video from Ring the Belle to find out the rest of the fans’ top five Summer Rae moments. She also speaks on the slap heard around the world on Total Divas and talks on if she plans to return to the ring. Thank you to DS Shin for making this exclusive interview happen.

What did you think of the interview? What are your favorite Summer Rae moments? Let us know in the comment section below!!


    • The high road is overrated. You’re commenting as a fan but at the end of the day, they are still a corporate entity and fuck over its employees like anyone else. Those people who actually worked for them and know the deal can say whatever they want without a moral judgment call from the likes of you or anyone else.

      • First of all, how old are you child?
        Second, what you’re butt hurt about? Third, where in the comment you see “moral judgment call”. No one is defending WWE.

        I’m fully aware of BS behind the scenes of the entertainment industry as a whole but at the end of the day, WWE is still making $$$ so what’s the point?

        Take your bitter reply elsewhere sweetheart is ?

        • Shut up with that “how old are you/maturity” argument. I said what I said. You can’t come on here all high and mighty talking about people who use to work for a company you know nothing about. You watch them on TV. Shut up and sit down fan.

          • “Unlike many Superstars who bash and expose WWE after leaving whatsoever reason, she remains to take the high road“

            The first few words make it seem like you’re comparing Summer to others who have left and voiced their complaints. Comes across like you’re praising her and bashing other former Superstars

  1. Can somebody please sign Summer Rae! I need her slaying my screen wit that red hair. Y’all remember when she told Eva Marie “Anyone can dye their hair red and look hot” Look at Summer now!! ???

  2. A fvcking legend !!!
    She put all 4hw on the map. She gave Sasha her heel character, gave Charlotte something to do by making her a member of the BBF bc lord have mercy Charlotte back in her early FCW days uuuuuum yes, she established Bayley as the lovable underdog along with Sasha and gave Becky a notable heel to go over during her debut.

    Litterally her mic skills were one of the best on the roster along with Cameron.
    She also had the in ring ability she could go in her matches with Paige, Sasha and Emma it showed.
    She could have been either a top heel with a proper feud with Paige or top face if they let her turn during that Miz segment or when she started pairing herself with Ziggler.

    Dont even let me get started on SLayers. LayCool 2.0 was there and they didnt do anything with it.

    She was the best on Total divas she was THAT B!TCH that brings the drama. Her fights with Nattier, Brie and Eva are to this day one of the most iconic moments on the show.

  3. Her dancing with Fandango had me amazed.

    I still don’t understand why they released her and why no one else has picked her up.

    I never really saw her wrestle much but she could have been the stunning manager or valet for someone who would get in the ring once in a while and bash someone with her pump heels or purse.

    Miss Summer loads.

  4. She was good in NXT but once she hit the main roster her skills got reduced as with many NXT call ups.
    I honestly thought she was going to get the Michelle McCool treatment.
    Just tells you we still have “loooooonnnnggg” way to go when it comes to this so called revolution, my prediction is in the next 10 years we will get to that next step.