Supplemental Draft Notes: Alicia Fox’s Rumored Role



Though she has yet to make her official re-debut on SmackDown, newly drafted Diva Alicia Fox already has a few apparent storylines that are in the works for her. Some interesting developments have come from Alicia’s move to SmackDown. The official “preview” advertisement for Alicia’s debut on SmackDown over on describes Alicia’s character from wedding planner to dancer:

After being caught on tape carousing with Edge, The Rated-R Superstar’s wedding planner traveled to the U.K., where she met the talented DJ Gabriel. Both returned from across the pond to turn heads on ECW. Now that Alicia is back on SmackDown, what kind of waves will she make on Friday nights?

If you were in the Live Blog with The Fink during the Supplemental Draft, he made this comment about Alicia Fox when her name was announced:

Nothing is going to happen overnight for Alicia with this move, but again, I think that she will become a “playa” in due time.

Now, if someone were to show me the word “playa” and put it in quotes, the first thing that would come to my mind is Theodore Long, SmackDown’s new General Manager. Either that, or Fink is trying to be “hip” and sound like he’s down with the lingo or something. But assuming he’s not making a dumb comment, The Fink could be hinting at Alicia’s newe role on SmackDown. Could she be joining Teddy Long in a love relationship like former Diva Kristal Marshall did? Or maybe an assistant’s position like current General Manager of ECW, Tiffany?

Another rumor has it that Alicia Fox’s former ECW dance partner, DJ Gabriel, is on the verge of being released. This could have had a big influence in the decision to move Alicia off ECW. DJ Gabriel received a big push upon his debut with Alicia, but he never really got over with the fans and that’s why the duo has been on the losing end of matches recently. As far as running solo, another member made the comment that “there are a LOT of veteran Divas on SD. Rough waters for Alicia to swim solo.”  

This may all just be speculation, but if these guys are hinting at a possible character for Alicia, it looks like she may not be jumping right into the ring immediately. When the fans were polled by during the Supplemental Draft as to what Alicia Fox should do upon her SmackDown debut, 60% proposed reuniting with Edge, now that Vickie Guerrero is on Raw and wouldn’t be around to interfere with their steamy relationship. I don’t know about y’all, but I think an angle between Alicia and Edge would be great to see. They are bound to cross paths at some point and WWE could really go with this for a while. Not to mention, this would put Alicia into the main-event scene of SmackDown where she would be at the side of one of SmackDown’s biggest names. I would have also loved to see an encounter between the returning Alicia Fox and Vickie Guerrero. It would further make Vickie a bigger heel by picking on the babyface Alicia and putting her in matches. The storyline could also be fed off the current love triangle between Vickie, Edge, and The Big Show.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be against giving Alicia a fresh start on SmackDown. Vickie and Big Show aren’t on SmackDown anymore and Edge is going between Raw and SmackDown, so until SmackDown gets a Heavyweight Champion, Edge really has no reason to rekindle a storyline with an affair he had if nobody is on SmackDown to be mad about it. They’d have to start bringing Alicia to Raw, and frankly I don’t see that happening. Plus, going as Edge’s manager would keep Alicia in the position she was on ECW, which is being kept outside the ring and not showcasing her amazing wrestling abilites.

A clean slate on SmackDown would keep her as a singles wrestler and one of the top faces of the brand (in due time, of course) and she would be able to wrestle on a regular basis. I’m definitely preferring this option over any kind of assistant or managerial position they could give her because she would just get lost in the shuffle of Divas (for information on what could happen, see: Layla‘s time on Raw)

What do y’all think? How would you like to see Alicia get brought back? Sound off with your ideas in the comments!