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Was THIS supposed to be ‘Sister Abigail’?

SHE could have been someone else? Of course the ‘she’ we are talking here is a character that WWE has teased for many years. The herald of Bray Wyatt and his Wyatt followers… Sister Abigail.

Not long ago, it was nearly revealed that this character would actually become an alter-ego to Bray Wyatt. This he would combat Finn Balor’s ‘The Demon’ who he feuded with at the time. However, we may have actually seen Abigail control someone completely different… a former champion perhaps?

Former WWE writer Tom Casiello was recently a guest on The Agenda Podcast. During said interview, he revealed there was a pitch to have former Divas Champion Kaitlyn was supposed to become the first female member of the Wyatt family. However, it was not the idea to bring her up as Sister Abigail herself, like some reports have falsely claimed. Back when the idea was brought up, Sister Abigail was still this unknown entity/dead character that the Wyatt’s worshipped.

The idea would have had Kaitlyn join The Wyatt Family after her Divas Title loss to AJ Lee and to later down the line betray the Wyatt’s. Today it seems that WWE creative has put Sister Abigail on hold as Wyatt feuds with the newly ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy. But that won’t stop them from turning him back into Abigail down the line. Or for her to inhabit a new host we may not expect.

This discussion can be heard around the 112:00 mark in the interview.

We also suggest you listen to the interview yourselves. The former head writer for WWE talks about many different topics during his time. On the women’s side of things, this included:

* NXT Redemption
* Logic being women talent ‘jumping between different male roles’
* The rise of AJ Lee
* The role of The Bella Twins & Total Divas
* The importance of NXT & The Four Horsewomen
* The infamous Paige/Charlotte promo
* The return of the Women’s Championship and the retirement of the term “Diva”.
* Thoughts on Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H
* Being gay within WWE

What do you all think of this? Do you think Kaitlyn could have pulled off the role of Sister Abigail? Would you rather have it be someone from down in NXT or someone currently in the indies? Or are you glad you don’t have to see Bray Wyatt in drag anytime soon? As always, let us know in the comments below!



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