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Kairi Sane reportedly leaving WWE to return to Japan

Since last year there have been rumblings that Kairi Sane was going to part ways with WWE. The former WWE Women's Tag...
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WWE’s Golden Era Missed Some Women

When WWE fans hear about the “Golden Era” from 2002-2005, we automatically think of Trish, Lita, Molly, Victoria, Jazz, Gail Kim, Ivory,...

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Sasha Banks speaks out on Sammy Guevara’s apology

Please note this topic is extremely sensitive. It is in regards to the #SpeakingOut movement on sexual abuse.

Jayla Dark & Charlie Morgan accuse Saraya Knight and family of physical and psychological abuse

The wrestling business has been shaken to its core this past week when the #speakingout movement gave countless wrestlers the courage to...

Mission Pro Wrestling to become an all-women promotion

In the wake of the #SpeakingOut movement that has brought to light many injustices to women as a result of sexual abuse,...