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Elimination Chamber

Two Raw teams qualify for Elimination Chamber match

Two weeks ago, Alexa Bliss unveiled the Women’s Tag Team Championship belts and announced inaugural champions will be crowned in an Elimination...
Women's tag teams

Five potential WWE women’s tag teams

After months of rumors, speculation, and teases, WWE finally announced the Women’s Tag Team Championship is coming in 2019.
sasha banks and bayley

Who should be WWE’s first Women’s Tag Team Champions

Sasha Banks and Bayley should be the first Women's Tag Team Champions. The win could do wonders for them both in the long run.
Tag Team Titles

WWE announces Women’s Tag Team titles for 2019

Tonight's episode of Raw was pre-recorded, and so most fans didn't expect any huge news to come out of the Christmas Eve...


Intergender Wrestling

Women wrestlers speak out about intergender wrestling

Intergender wrestling, wrestling that occurs when a male and female wrestler compete against each other, has been a hot topic since wrestling's...
Sexy Star

Sexy Star to make MMA debut


The biggest winners of the 2019 Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber is over. Not only did WWE deliver us with another event on the Road to Wrestlemania, but they offered the...