Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Taryn Terrell and Melina get into a heated scuffle while trying to help Thunder Rosa on NWA Powerrr

Taryn Terrell makes her official Powerrr debut. Terrell appeared on the commentary desk at NWA’s last pay-per-view Back for the Attack. Although there wasn’t a women’s match on this week’s episode, Terrell and Melina did go at it verbally.

The number one contender for the NWA World Women’s Title, Kamille, was at ringside during the men’s tag team match. Rosa came out and started to yell at Kamille. Kamille then left the ringside area but Rosa still wasn’t happy.

Since Powerrr has returned, Melina has been attempting to mend her relationship with Rosa. She has wanted to lend her services to her and prove to her that she can be the help that she needs to get back to being the NWA World Women’s Champion. Rosa has declined the help but Melina continues to try.

This week, Terrell came out first to try and help. She let Rosa known she wasn’t there for a fight as she states she has an injury. After letting Rosa know she wanted to help her in any way that she could, Melina came out. Melina called out Terrell stating that she was lying and being fake towards Rosa and that she couldn’t be trusted. The two would continue to argue as Rosa would leave seemingly not wanting help from either lady.

How do you think the women’s division is looking for NWA? It is still small but it is mighty. Leave your thoughts below!

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