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Taya praises upcoming Intergender Matches on this season of Lucha Underground

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Though last night’s Lucha Underground Season Three return was very light on women’s action, Taya revealed there’s more intergender action to come. In a recent interview with Paste Magazine she opens up about what’s to come on the later half of this season, her character, role as a mediator for the Worldwide Underground, and more.

On what’s to come later this season: “My character has so much more going on in the second half of season three than I did in the first half, so don’t worry! You’ll get your fix of wera loca [colloquially, “crazy white girl” in Spanish] all over the second half of season three. You can expect lots more intergender matches that are some of my favorites for the season, and a crazy finale that will be talked about I’m sure for a long time. Obviously the first half of season three I’m working on the documentary of Johnny Mundo, so you can wait to see the final production of my fine directing debut, I guess you could say.”

On her character development: “Taya’s a character that is just growing indefinitely and I am so ready to keep going with what’s been going on in Lucha Underground. And I’m very excited to even start season four because I’ve grown so much as a character and performer over that time. I’m really excited for what the next few months have to offer.”

On her role in Worldwide Underground: “As you can see most of the time I’m ‘wrangling my children,’ as I like to say. I can’t remember what match it was—it was PJ [Black] and Jack [Evans] and they’re both misbehaving and I was getting mad. It’s awesome! I love me some PJ, some Jack, and some Johnny Mundo. I think that we have such a good group, the four of us together. We complement each other so well, we’re so different at the same time, every single one of us.”

On how different Lucha Underground is compared to other promotions: “I mean, the first day that I got to the temple, it was like an ‘ah ha’ moment because I just had worked so hard to get there and it was so different even from working with AAA. AAA is the more traditional structured wrestling program with the traditional backstage vignettes and the traditional calling out your opponents and all that kind of stuff. Underground really pushes the boundaries of the definition of what a wrestling show is, and that’s why we really do call ourselves—we’re a tv show, we’re not a wrestling show. I think it’s so cool because now the character development is so much more intense, and people just get so much more wrapped up in where people start.”

Read the full interview here.

Are you excited to see Taya’s role expand? What intergender matches would you love to see this season? Sound off in the comments below. 

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