The Five to Watch 2010: Athena


Welcome to The Five to Watch 2010! Diva Dirt is always on the look-out for bright, young talent breaking into the scene in women’s wrestling. Always with a finger on the pulse of up and coming talent, over the next week, we will bring to you the five talents we that we feel could be breakout stars in the future. Meet the Class of 2010…


Who is she?
22-year old Athena has been making quite a name for herself in the past few years. Working mostly out of the Texas area, Athena has quickly become one of the fastest rising stars on the independent scene. Trained by Skandor Akbar, a veteran in the business, Athena has the ring skills to back up her cocky (and sometimes immature) attitude. Although she only has three years under her belt as a pro, Athena has proven she can mix it up with some of the best in the business. Most notably, Athena took on MsChif in the first round of Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s 2010 American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament in a surprisingly even match.

Her story so far…
Since making her pro wrestling debut three years ago, Athena has had some very impressive matches against the likes of Malia Hosaka, Jessica James and MsChif. She also managed to defeat Rachel Summerlyn earlier this year for the ACW American Joshi Title but lost it back to her two weeks later. Speaking of championships, Athena (under the name Trouble) is also the current Women’s Champion in PWA, which is run by former WWE Superstar, Booker T. Athena made her debut at SHIMMER Women Athletes last week and despite being announced as a pre-show talent, was featured on three of the four volumes taped, impressing many in the process. No doubt, Athena will be part of future SHIMMER shows, bringing her to an even wider audience.

Athena vs Jessica James

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Athena vs male wrestler

Why we chose her…
We chose Athena for ‘Five to Watch 2010’ because she has an abundance of potential. Not only is she talented in the ring — she has put on matches in her short career that rival most matches we see on television each week — but she also has a great look that would definitely fit WWE’s mould. Not to mention, on a more superficial note, she also falls into Diva Dirt‘s category of ‘ring gear love’!  Her unique style of ring attire looks far more professional than girls on TV and sits up there with the likes of Michelle McCool and Maryse. At the rate Athena is progressing, it’s only a matter of time before we see her make her mark in one of the mainstream promotions.

Athena vs another male wrestler

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— Additional reporting by Melanie.