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The Week in Fashion: Best & Worst Dressed for August 15th


It’s a staple of tabloid magazines: hard hitting, investigative & highly entertaining! Best & Worst Dressed lists can make or break careers in Hollywood and for a site with ‘Dirt’ in the title, it’s only fitting we take this time tested feature & apply it to our Divas! Each week we’ll bring you the best and worst looks from the week gone by, it’s pretty simple right?


Key: School-like grading scheme

Not a bad week for outfits/attire this week. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by a few. Let’s dive in:

Raw’s Alicia Fox brought back the blue to her wardrobe and what can I say, it’s definitely her colour. Bright, electric blue suits her a lot. C

The usually overlooked ECW drew my attention this week also, as Katie Lea showed us the right way to wear leopard print *cough* I wouldn’t wear it myself, but Katie has been rocking her own unique style since moving to ECW and it works for her. C+

Hart Dynasty Diva, Natalya has pretty much been rocking the same pink and black top, pants and jacket for the past few months so it was nice to see her change it up this week. The tattered tee looked really cool and the design is eye catching. B-

It’s two for two for Melina, as she sports another great top this week. However I much prefer this one. I don’t know why she doesn’t wear more yellow, it’s not a colour that suits everyone, but Melina works the hell out of it. A-

Melina’s opponent for the night rocked the Nattie colours this week, in hot pink. Layla always has a great sense of style and manages to bring a look together. I’m really not a fan of hot pink, but Layla brings it altogether with the black rims with studs. My favourite part would be the boot covers that you can’t see in the above picture, it brings a sense of completion and I’m very much a fan of uniformity in an outfit. A

This week’s ‘Worst’ after the cut:


Key: ‘Minor mishap’ / ‘Progressively worse’ / ‘Lost cause’

With the good comes the bad and sadly for this crop of Divas & Knockouts, they fell short of reaching an acceptable Diva Dirt standard. Apologies to these girls but if they’re reading [which they likely aren’t] consider it a challenge to make it to our ‘Best’ list next time!

I seriously gagged when I came across this picture of the Bella Twins on ECW. Seriously, WTF?! I don’t know how they can look in the mirror [or at each other] and think they look good. Lost cause.

The Beautiful People make a collective debut on the ‘Worst’ list this week, though my attention is mainly directed at Madison and Velvet. If Kitson had a lingerie line, this would be what it looks like.

That’s all for our Best & Worst Dressed list! As with all things Diva Dirt, you can have your say in the comments. Anymore fashion dos and don’ts you’d like to bring to our attention? Want to add in your own critiques? You know what to do!

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