TLC Predictions: Asuka vs. Emma


Tonight at TLC, Asuka makes her official main roster debut in a match against Emma. Will the Empress of Tomorrow undefeated streak continue? The Diva Dirt team weighs in.

Abir: Though an upset win from Emma will be exciting, a win for Asuka is practically guaranteed. She needs to cement her main roster legacy, and this is only the first step of that.

Alex: Emma I love you, but lol of course Asuka will win.

Candace: Asuka.

Josue: No ifs, ands or buts: Asuka will win.

Matthew: Asuka has this one wrapped up in a pretty bow, giving Emma a drop in confidence.

Rhys: Asuka. She just HAS to win. I mean the fact that they have literally build a match up for someone to simple challenge her at TLC means that her undefeated streak continues on the main roster. But I swear if they ruin her like they did with Bayley… all hope is lost.

Stephanie: Let’s be real, Asuka has this in the bag. My only hope for this match is that they give them time and it exhibits emma’s abilities as well as showcases how unstoppable Asuka is. It will be embarrassing and a missed opportunity if this is a total squash match. I’m rooting for them to show out.

BREAKDOWN: 7 for Asuka, 0 for Emma.

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Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!