Saturday, September 25, 2021

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TNA Genesis: Gail Kim Retains But Mickie Lands a Knockout Shot…

If TNA’s New Year’s resolution was to confuse fans of the Knockouts division, they certainly succeeded tonight.

Valiant babyface Mickie James cost herself the Knockouts Championship in very heel-like manner by clocking champion Gail Kim with a pair of brass knuckles in view of the referee.

And that wasn’t all! Velvet Sky revealed her plan to “take a stand” for the Knockouts division by lobbying for the role of Knockouts VP, vacated last month after Karen Jarrett‘s firing, and wanted to prove herself to Sting by suggesting a stipulation for the Knockouts match. With Sting signing off on Velvet’s idea, Gail’s partner Madison Rayne found herself hanging above the ring in a cage to prevent her from interfering in the match.

However, even with Madison Rayne unable to interfere, Gail Kim retained the Knockouts Title in the third match between her and James.

Perhaps summing up the general sentiment regarding the way this segment ended, the Impact Zone crowd rather aptly chanted, “Bullshit!”

A confusing night, indeed.

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