Today in History: Awesome Kong joins The Dollhouse, Maria Kanellis makes her TNA debut


On this day in history:

January 5th, 2016 | As part of their official debut on their new network home of Pop TV, TNA broadcasted a live episode of Impact Wrestling. The Dollhouse were pitted in a tag match against the team of Gail Kim and The Beautiful People. The babyfaces would walk out with a victory after Gail got a body scissors on Jade and rolled her up for the win but would then fall victims to a post match beatdown. Awesome Kong would come out but instead of attacking her former tormentors, she too would attack The Beautiful People and Gail Kim, pose with The Dollhouse and cement herself leader of the group for a brief period. Maria Kanellis also made her TNA debut alongside her husband Mike Bennett, cutting a promo on how they promised to be the “miracles” that TNA needed for years to come.

What are your memories of this moment?