Today in History: An Elimination match, a Grudge match and a Title match at Armageddon 2000


On this day in history:

December 10th, 2000 | At Armageddon 2000, Lita got in on the boys’ action when she took part in a Six-Man Elimination Tag Team match. She teamed with Matt and Jeff Hardy to take on Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn. It all came down to Dean and Lita. Malenko toyed with her a bit, breaking a few of his own pins to deliver more punishment. He finally ended things with the Texas Cloverleaf, prompting Lita to tap out.

Meanwhile, Chyna took on Right to Censor’s Val Venis, who had Ivory in his corner. Distraction by the Women’s Champion allowed Venis to hit a fisherman’s suplex and pin Chyna for the win. Post-match, the Ninth Wonder of the World almost got revenge on Ivory, but Val put a stop to it, laying her out.

Lastly, Ivory defended her Women’s Title against Trish Stratus and Molly Holly in a Triple Threat match. Heels Ivory and Trish worked together for a good bit of the match, but in the end, it was every woman for herself. When Molly hit Trish with vicious powerbomb, Ivory collected the spoils, dumping Molly out of the ring and pinning Trish herself to retain the title.

What are your memories of this moment?