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Today in History: Melina vs. Michelle McCool in a Title Unification Match at Night of Champions 2010

On this day in history:

September 19th, 2010 | For just over two years, the WWE’s women’s division had two championships. The Women’s Title and the Divas Title coexisted well enough until the decision was made to unify them (or, rather, ditch the Women’s Title). At 2010’s Night of Champions, Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, who co-held the title with Layla, faced Divas Champion Melina. Lumberjills surrounded the ring and made it perilous to leave it. Eventually, a fight involving the lumberjills broke out, allowing Layla enter the ring and distract Melina, who turned around right into a big boot from Michelle. She was down for the count, Michelle pinning her and becoming the sole champion of the Women’s division. Six years later, history would repeat itself when the Women’s division would again have two women’s titles with the introduction of a Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship replacing the sole Divas title.

What are your memories of this moment?



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